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Cost of Pet Ownership Infographic

The folks at Mint.com and Humane Society Silicon Valley put together a helpful infographic outlining the lifetime costs of pets.  It’s so important when you decided to adopt a pet rabbit or bonded pair into your family, that you are willing and able to shoulder the costs.

See how rabbits compare to other pets:

Lifetime Costs of Pet Ownership Infographic

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4 thoughts on “Cost of Pet Ownership Infographic

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  2. Rabbits' Guy

    Well – you can always not do the treats … at your peril. (I’m surprised they don’t toss in the social cost of the endless loss of your self-esteem as you try and try to please them – to no avail …)

  3. Bunny Boy

    I happened to find this awesome blog and followed it!
    Was hoping that in return you would check out and follow my blog.
    Bunny Hugs,
    Bunny Boy

  4. Louise Blake

    Great infographic! I cannot believe how much dogs cost – It’s lucky I have only have one. My mum had three at one point – I don’t know how she coped financially now.

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