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Rare Sumatran Striped Rabbit Caught on Camera

A very elusive species of rabbit was caught on camera by a group of researchers who were in Sumatra studying wild cats.

According to Jennifer McCarthy, lead author and doctoral candidate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst:

As part of my dissertation research on the four felids, or cats, we also happened to get pictures of this very rare rabbit. There had been a few camera-trap photos seen of it before, but very, very rarely. We wanted to take these observations a step further, so we worked with colleagues from the University of Delaware and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Indonesia Program to contact every researcher we knew throughout Sumatra who was doing camera-trap research, probably 20 or 30 people. This gave us good coverage of the island.

This unique striped rabbit was first photographed in 1998 and has been rarely seen since.

For more info, see Sci-News.

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6 thoughts on “Rare Sumatran Striped Rabbit Caught on Camera

  1. Marla

    Wonderful! I hope this rabbit is protected and maintains a sustainable population. I’d love to see some closeups.

  2. reiza

    a glimpse of it and it looks like a mouse deer. very famous even in malaysia, and yes very rare because its a shy mammal. good luck

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