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Inhumane Treatment of Rabbits at Oregon Rodeo

The Cottage Grove Riding Club in Oregon hosts an annual event called the Animal Scramble in which 75 rabbits (specifically bred for this event) are placed in the center of the arena, and a crowd of children chase them.  If a child catches one, he/she brings the rabbit home as a pet.

There are several troubling aspects to this event:

  • The rabbits are placed in a terrifying and dangerous situation during the scramble.
  • The children (and their parents) who bring the rabbits home are not prepared for the commitment, nor have they been educated on proper rabbit care.
  • Rabbits are being bred despite a huge overpopulation of pet rabbits in shelters (NOT that we think those rabbits should be used in this event either).
  • It sends the message that live animals are simply objects of entertainment or toys; that animal welfare is not important.

Here is a video of the event created by Red Barn Rabbit Rescue who urged Cottage Grove Riding Club to discontinue the event but has so far been ignored by the organization. Warning: There is footage of rabbits being kicked and thrown in the video. Don’t watch it if you will be too upset by the imagery. Scroll below the video for contact information for the Cottage Grove Riding Club if you’d like to write letters urging them to discontinue all future Animal Scrambles.

Cottage Grove Riding Club can be reached at:

Cottage Grove Riding Club
Attn: Eugene LaRoe
PO Box 485
Cottage Grove OR 97424

To learn more, visit Red Barn Rabbit Rescue’s website.

There is an online petition on Change.org that you can also sign. Sign the petition >

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11 thoughts on “Inhumane Treatment of Rabbits at Oregon Rodeo

  1. Lynetta Murdoch

    I’ve just watched the video of the Cottage Grove Riding Club Animal Scramble in Oregon. I am disgusted! Instead of teaching the children anxiously waiting for a pet rabbit how to be kind and loving to their pets, the adults are throwing and kicking them from the truck. Disgraceful!

    What is the purpose of this event? Is it a popularity gimmick? You are failing! Too many of these darling little animals will be thrown and kicked around by children after watching the adults, and after they are bored with them, or have forgotten to feed them for too many times, they will be placed outside and forgotten about, to be torn apart by predators. Bunnies of all types are running rampant in our neighborhood, and one night I heard one that was torn apart by a raccoon, even though it was in a cage set up off the ground. Use your power and publicity to teach kindness and humane treatment, not the opposite!

  2. Beatrice

    This is a horrible thing. What is the point for this event? would u breed the your own babies and then thrown on the floor, let the neighbor chased after them!?? These animals will not only end out in a shelters or having rough times, but also misleading the children. Animals is not entertainment, this is bunch of moron’s works.
    Really have to shut down this so call riding club! This is really not okay.

  3. dawn

    Awful! I can’t bring myself to watch the video. The images in my head are enough. I shared with friends on Twitter and FB to help make more people aware. Just unbelievable what people do.

  4. Meg

    Seriously, they wouldn’t do that with puppies or kittens, why would they think it’s ok to do to rabbits?

  5. Paula

    I wonder how many rabbits were injured in this event. Great way to teach kids how to care for a pet.

  6. Christine Adams

    Just as I thought.Anyone who hosts a rodeo has scant regard for horses.Your cruel treatment of these rabbits just reinforces my point.Any animal can be abused as long as you all enjoy your day.What sort of message are you sending these children? Certainly not love and respect!

  7. Tara

    Those poor rabbits! This should be reported because these people are clearly abusing these animals! They’re getting tossed and kicked away from the truck, then scared to death by being chased down, then snatched up by unprepared families. If this shows what they do to rabbits, what about their horses?

  8. tara


  9. Alli

    This is a disgust! I can’t even watch the video… after reading all these comments… its HORRIBLE!

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