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Maine Rabbit Rescuer on a Mission

Baby bunnies at Cottontail Cottage

Baby bunnies at Cottontail Cottage

Jenny Nichols  has started a rabbit rescue at her Lamoine, Maine home. She takes in unwanted and neglected rabbits from the area, working with the local SPCA.  She cares for the rabbits until they are adopted into their new forever homes.

A few years ago, Nichols wouldn’t have imagined she’d be running a rabbit rescue. She never identified as being an “animal person” and wasn’t particularly drawn to rabbits. But when her daughter begged her for a pet rabbit, she conceded… only to realize that once the excitement wore off, the rabbit was now her pet. She researched how to properly care for rabbits, and over the years, developed a deep respect and love for them. She wanted to do something to help abused and abandoned rabbits, and so Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue began.

Rabbits come to her for a few different reasons, including impulse-buy Easter gifts for children that are no longer new and exciting a month later or from breeders who’d like to cull them for physical deformities.

Now with over 30 rabbits in her care, Nichols is appealing to the public for donations. For more information visit the Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue website or their Facebook page. See also the Bangor Daily News.


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2 thoughts on “Maine Rabbit Rescuer on a Mission

  1. Michelle

    I can see how someone would get really attached to rabbits and end up opening a rabbit shelter 🙂

    I started out with one, soon had two, eventually had four (two babies) and then, through the years, have had two of them die. I still currently have two rabbits though (ages 7 and 6) and will more than likely end up getting others when these two die.

    I love them to death even though, every day, I’m soooooo sick of cleaning up endless rabbit poop and doing rabbit feeds 🙂

    They’re just the cutest, funniest things though and give me endless hours of entertainment. Can’t imagine not having them now.

    The good thing is I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand so it’s cheap to buy food and rabbit paraphernalia here. Mine are quite spoiled, LOL.

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