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Bunny Holiday Card Giveaway

Bunny Christmas Cards by GrizzlyBearGreetings

Choose from three fabulous bunny holiday card designs in My House Rabbit’s giveaway.

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to think about sending out those holiday greetings.  We’re hosting a giveaway featuring a set of six bunny holiday cards by Grizzly Bear Greetings.

You can choose one of the following three designs (or create an assortment of all three):

The designs are printed on 100% recycled card stock with a matte finish. Cards measure 5.5 x 4.25 inches when folded. Comes with six A2 white 100% recycled envelopes. Inside greeting (Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, etc.) can be customized.


  • To enter, comment below with your answer to this question: What’s your best piece of advice for new bunny owners?
  • Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you for your card preference and mailing address if you win.  Contest is open worldwide and ends Thursday, November 8 at 11:59 pm EST.

UPDATE:  Congratulations to our winner Amber!

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20 thoughts on “Bunny Holiday Card Giveaway

  1. Amber BL

    I always tell new rabbit owners: when trying to understand bunny habits, think of a rabbit more like a cat than a large hamster. They are much more curious, interactive and clever than I think most people anticipate.

  2. Kate

    Be patient! It takes bunnies so much longer to trust and form bonds than a cat or a dog, but it’s so rewarding once they do. I also preach the glory of cord protectors. 🙂

  3. Rich

    Spend time with your buns. They are not cage animals. I’ve found that the personalities of our two rabbits really came out when we allowed them to hop around the house freely.

    Also, if you have access to fresh hay, buy it! The hay at the pet stores is expensive and my rabbits don’t really care for it much. But the fresh hay I buy at the MSPCA @ Nevins Farm, they absolutely love!

  4. Sally

    After you figure out what your bunny likes the best then try to always feed that same variety (say a salad of three) This way you help keep their tummies in balance. Some buns have a hard time with always switching their diet up. Basics like parsley, Romaine, kale and carrot tops are almost always available and that way you don’t have to disappoint your bun because something isn’t available or out of season.

  5. Erin

    Patience is key, but bananas and oats in small quantities will encourage your new bunny to be your new best friend! Replenish hay, water and pellets daily. Our bunny really settled in once we established a routine for her. Goodl uck!

  6. Stephanie

    Read lots of bunny books and articles to be sure you’re getting different perspectives! Also, get a big box and cut out a slot so they can jump in and fill it with newspaper and cardboard to protect your carpet and furniture!!!

  7. Rachel

    Be willing to get down on the floor with your bunny and observe his or her methods of communication. Rabbits are very expressive — we just need to learn to understand what they’re saying! Also – you might want to sharpen your home-electronic repair skills, especially in regards to rewiring lamps and replacing plugs.

  8. Suzanne Parry

    If your rabbit is litter traind. Stop buying beding and shavings and things. You can just go to a store that sells cheap towels and soft blankets. I go to the dollar store. Because what i do with these is i use them to put on the bottom of the cage so its soft on there feet so they dont get bumble foot witch they get from hard floors. Its such an easy way to save money buy a couple . Because when its time to clean just take it out put in the wash and put in another one , You can keep useing it! its so helpful and saves you some money on buying beding and things. So all you will ever need to buy is littler for the box. 🙂 Give it a try 🙂

  9. Crystal

    As a recently new bunny mommy (she just turned 1 years old) I spent a lot of time researching what she can and should be eating. I always provide her with fresh veggies every day and have found her favorites. Also, never leave her unattended, especially around any electronic wires!

  10. Palin Wiltshire

    Realize that rabbits love the company of their own kind. If at all possible, adopt a bonded pair. If you’ve already got a single bun, contact your local House Rabbit Chapter to help you find the perfect BFF.

  11. Chris gaston

    Hay, hay and more hay! Oh, and never force yourself on a new bunny. Let the bunny come to you.

  12. kitty

    Enjoy! Love! And if you adopt more than one get a second opinion on what the sex is. I was told I had two males and oooops one day I had six more beautiful buns! I love them all and baby them every day. My buns: Momma Missy, Meadow, Indy, Murphy,Thistle and Thatcher. With sweet memories of Daddy Bunny.

  13. Becky Sappington

    Always do the research. I never new how much info was out there on having a Bunny and taking care of a Bunny. His or Her needs, Health choices, and how to understand your Bunny. I love my Babs more than anything and I am still learning everyday. I am only a year into it and still love it. If I had the space I would have more than one.

  14. Sarah

    Before i got my house rabbit Frank, for 3 months i got my hands on every piece of info on rabbits so i could know and understand everything about them before jumping into the commitment. When i finally got Frank i felt completely capable to care for a rabbit the right way and still shower him with love, i also had a theory that if i treat and think of him like a dog or a cat then thats what he would be like and sure enough that gave him the ability to reach their full potential of being intelligent. It only takes Frank a day to learn a new trick and he does it all of the time. My adivice is that: think of a rabbit as an intelligent animal on the same plain as a cat or dog rather than a mindless caged pet, and they will become just as smart and loyal for life.

  15. Allana Bennison

    I’m 11 years old and I have a chocolate brown and white Dutch bunny called Coco who i absolutley adore!! My tip for new bunny owners is:

    Don’t stress if your bunny is not very friendly in the beginning, she/he will come around. A good idea is to speak to the previous owner, whether it is the feeder in the pet store or the breeder, and know what foods they like. I highly suggest buying everything before you buy your little new friend and containing it all in a big box where you can store it all neatly away. Anyway, to be a bunny owner you need to know all the facts!!

    Plus, those bunny cards are sooooooooooo cute =D

  16. Michelle White

    As a newbie bunny adopter (1 yr old called Bounce but aka as ‘funny bunny’), “don’t panic! if your chilled out bunny is spooked for no apparent reason they can probably smell or hear a fox in the neighbourhood” – I was most worried yesterday, bunny who loves having playtime, chilling out under coffee time, shrieked and flew back to cage, back leg thumping madly, when ventured out again later in day fled back when I moved, even talking to her sent leg thumping madly.

    I phoned Rabbit Welfare Association (UK) who explained it was probably a fox she could smell though air vent, and yes, when I asked estate landscaper this morning, there are LOTS of foxes around. Bunny fine today, ventured out a bit, had a little binky before heading back, was told she’ll gradually stay out longer again in her own time as she realises again no one is going to eat her.

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