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Easter Bunny Web Chat

Here’s a great web chat video hosted by HuffPost Live about the sad fate of rabbits, chicks, and ducklings who are bought as Easter presents. Guests include representatives from the House Rabbit Society and other animal rescue organizations.

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10 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Web Chat

  1. Mackenzie

    This is a very big issue that has been happening for years. This is definitely not good for the rabbit’s, and shelters who must take them in. I would never do that to a rabbit, or any other animal as well. This really needs to be stopped…over the years I have met people who will actually go buy these rabbits, and give them away, sometimes even the day after Easter! If you are not prepared for a rabbit, don’t even bother getting one. For those of us who are aware of the issue, spread the news to people. The more people know, the more people will not contribute to the problem.

  2. Peyton Miner

    Hello Easter bunny I knew you are real because one time my easter basket didnt come until the morning and my Mom was not home except for my best friend Trysten and my old babysitter Maria Bye Easter Bunny

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