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Hay Day for Coco and Cosette

Our big box of Timothy hay from Small Pet Select arrived today, and needless to say, the buns were very excited. They could smell the fragrant contents before I even opened the box. Cosette decided I was too slow opening it, so she started to help. She’s very good at unwrapping gifts.
Timothy hay

She became a blur when I finally opened the box, swiping the first bite.
Timothy hay

Coco decided he’d have better luck on the other side.
Coco eating hay

He happily munched away…
Coco eating hay

…until he realized that the lid had created a makeshift tunnel. He can never resist a good tunnel.
Coco exploring a tunnel

Cos started to wonder why I was taking photos. The clicking was ruining her dining experience.
Cos eating hay

“Still here, eh?”
Cos eating hay

I took the hint, and turned off the camera so they could eat in peace.

You can buy this hay online for your buns at Small Pet Select. Their boxes of Timothy hay come in various sizes all the way up to 60 pounds. (Click on the link for Timothy Hay on the left to see the larger size options.)

On the topic of hay, be sure to check out our article about the importance of hay in a rabbit’s diet.


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8 thoughts on “Hay Day for Coco and Cosette

  1. Book Bunny

    Your bunnies are very cute :3 Here in Finland no-one sells hay online. I wish they would! I have to buy hay for my bunnies from a farm. My bunnies would enjoy timothy hay very much I’m sure of it ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like your blog very much!

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Hi Danna,

      That box pictured is the 4.5 pound box. There’s definitely a lot of hay in there, but if you have the room to store it, I’d probably go for one of the larger boxes. (Especially if you have more than one rabbit.)

      You can see options for even larger sizes by clicking here.

  2. Myriam

    Awww, so sweet. My bunny, Charlie, looks exactly like these two buns, what breed are they? Also, Charlie would probably have jumped into the box and pooped or peed in it already. Any tips for keeping her from doing that… they hay holders I’ve gotten are too small and she usually won’t eat as much hay from them. Any advice is helpful. Thanks

  3. My House Rabbit Post author

    Myriam- we use a hay feeder normally. Unfortunately, they’ve had to stop production on the one we have. It’s quite good. But you can get some larger hay feeders made of wood. (Like these: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBlissfulBunny?ref=seller_info)

    Actually, Coco (the smaller rabbit pictured above) did like hopping into the hay containers and then peeing. So we solved that problem by always keeping our hay box stuffed with hay. We also put hay on top of the litter in the litterbox. He can eat and pee on that if he pleases since there will always be fresh hay available from the feeder when that hay gets soiled. (And that’s when it’s time to clean the litterbox anyway.)

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