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New Beginnings for Two Former Laboratory Rabbits

Watch the beautiful story of Heather and Lillian who are currently living at the HRS Rabbit Center after starting their lives as lab rabbits.  These two experienced many firsts at the rescue – first loving touch, first hay, first lettuce, first flop. They are waiting to be adopted into their first (and forever) loving home.

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3 thoughts on “New Beginnings for Two Former Laboratory Rabbits

  1. Melanie

    It is so sad how many animals are tortured,made sick,shy,scared and even killed in testing laboratories. What is best to do is not buy products tested on animals. I am soooo happy those adorable bunnies get a new,loving,and forever home!!!!! I am a big fan of rabbits and all animals so seeing them sad is sad for me-I would love to have those rabbits as my own but I still prefer netherland dwarves.

  2. Isabel

    this is so amazing! thank you SO much for rescuing them! I love how they look around at all the space like, “Is this for real?”

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