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Website Update Coming Soon

We’re currently in the process of improving My House Rabbit. The revamped site will include a site search function and an enhanced photo gallery. The site will also be optimized for tablet and mobile devices. We hope to launch these improvements soon. Stay tuned!


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8 thoughts on “Website Update Coming Soon

  1. Daisy The House Rabbit

    Cool! By the way, I loooooove this website! As a house rabbit, this is so awesome for me! If you are wondering how I manage to type, I have my ways;, Rabbits are nifty creatures and intelligent too! Thanks for providing stuff for my owner and for me. Now I’d better get offa this computer before she she’s me. Also check out her blog and my new page! (: bUe, Rabbit friends!

  2. Laura I.

    Wow, love this site. Wish I had found it sooner. I have two house bunnies. Got the second one after our previous second one died the day after her spaying surgery. This new second one is not getting along with our first rabbit. My other two females got along, but I’m not having luck bonding this new second female. Serveral sites say different things about bonding female with female, is it possible? The first one is about 7 months old and spayed. The new one is 3 months old, not spayed.

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