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Cosette has an Eye Infection

A few weeks ago, we noticed Cosette’s left eye was occasionally watery. It left the fur above it messy looking. So we took her to the vet, who tried to flush the tear duct out. While the solution came through Cosette’s nose on the right side, it didn’t on the left side. So she was sent home with an antibiotic eye drop and an oral antibiotic (Baytril) to be administered twice daily for two weeks. We were also given a rabbit probiotic to add to her water to help her digestive system while she’s on the antibiotics.

Giving Cosette medicine has always been difficult due to her bold, independent personality. She hates being held and doing anything that’s not her own idea. She’s very suspicious and very difficult to catch.

Coco on the other hand is the world’s easiest patient. He actually enjoys the taste of banana-flavored medicine and comes willingly when called to lick it from the syringe.

So for our more difficult patient, we’ve been mixing the oral medicine in a mashed banana, the only food she tolerates with the medicine in it. We tried squirting it on lettuce, inside a cored out strawberry, and mixed in with apple sauce.  They were all immediately avoided. The eye drops at first were somewhat easy to apply. But then she became wary of that activity as well, so we’ve had to catch her and hold her down to put the drops in.

So the past week and a half has been trying, but Cosette’s eye seems to be getting better. We go back to the vet on Wednesday for another tear duct flush. Wish us luck that all goes well! We’ll keep you posted on what happens…


UPDATE: We took Cos in today, and the vet was able to flush it, though it didn’t go easily. So we will continue with the drops for one more week.  The routine will be tortuous for all parties involved, but hopefully it’ll nip the problem in the bud! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Cosette has an Eye Infection

  1. Daisy The House Rabbit

    Gosh, I hope you get better Cosette! You are one of my fave buns, by the way. Just don’t tell Coco! Oh, and you are just like me with the whole medicine-hating thing. Wish you a good recovery!

  2. the bunns

    Oh dear. Know all about it too! The Princess needs a warm eye compress now and then for a problem and she hates me for doing it.

  3. Connie Andrews

    Going through this myself last week with my bunny Pansy so sending good wishes for Cosette! Pansy is responding to treatment. It is amazing how fast eye infections can come on in rabbits. Hope your bunny is better very soon!

  4. My House Rabbit Post author

    Thanks for all the support (and commiseration)! We’ve been taking turns on eye drop duty so that Cos only hates one of us for a set time. But the good news is that the medicine is working!

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