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Coupon for Small Pet Select Pellets + Hay

Pellets plus timothy hay

Through August 31, 2013, Small Pet Select is offering My House Rabbit readers a special discount on their new rabbit pellet food product!

Use coupon code myhouserabbit10 when you purchase 10lbs Hay + 4lbs pellets, and you get:

  • $5 off the retail price
  • Free shipping
  • Free I Love My Rabbit sticker

The pellets are timothy hay-based and do not include unhealthy additives like a lot of the pet store brands do.  Paired with the box of fresh hay, this package provides a fantastic base for your rabbit’s nutritional needs. (Remember to provide unlimited fresh hay to your rabbits to ensure good digestive and dental health!)

Buy the pellets + hay here >


If you are all set with pellets, you can still use coupon code myhouserabbit for free shipping on hay products from Small Pet Select.

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4 thoughts on “Coupon for Small Pet Select Pellets + Hay

  1. Tanya

    Question – I have been getting fluff and cupcakes pellets from wal Mart , is that not a good idea ? Should I switch to a feed store as I buy in large bags .

    Also when I got my first bun the lady told me about a tablet found in the natural area at the drug store that was safe for the bun to chew on once a month to keep them from getting glogged up with there own hair from cleaning she mention it was also safe for her cat . Do you happen to know the name I forgot it.

    I feed a mix of Timothy and alf Alfa , tho they prefer the alf Alfa I have read its not the best for them , so I use it more for a treat . What is your view ?
    Thanks my holland lops are wonderful home pets.

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      You can get pellets from Wal-mart as long as the pellets are high in fiber and low in protein, without any additives (corn, dried fruit, etc.). For adult rabbits, getting a Timothy-based pellet is the best option.

      For adult rabbits, you should stay away from alfalfa because it has a high sugar content. These hays are best for adults: timothy, orchard grass, and/or oat hay. In terms of giving alfalfa as a treat, I’ve never really thought about doing that. Usually the greens we feed them (dandelions, romaine, herbs, etc.) are treat enough. I’d be interested to hear other bunny people’s thoughts on giving alfalfa as a treat.

  2. Lessia

    Hi! I have a question. My vet says pellets are unnecessary for feeding and that hay and greens are enough for a suitable diet. He said that pellets were used to “fatten up rabbits for scientific testing and such” and because my rabbits are house hold pets, pellets wouldn’t be necessary. What are you thoughts on this? I have discontinued the use of pellets and my rabbits are fedTimothy hay ( from small pet select) and a variety of greens.

    Thank you
    Lessia Ibarra

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