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Baby Bunnies at the House Rabbit Society

On September 5, the House Rabbit Society volunteers found two containers of bunnies that someone had dumped on their doorstep. Eight of the seventeen rabbits were babies. Here’s a video of them:

To help HRS care for these and other needy rabbits, please visit their web site and consider donating: www.rabbit.org.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Bunnies at the House Rabbit Society

  1. Susan

    Too many bunnies being abandoned–don’t know how people can be so cruel. I donate to many rabbit rescue organizations–haven’t done House Rabbit in a while, but this is a sad (hopefully not sad for these guys since they’re in a safe place now) reminder to help them out.

  2. Susan

    Agree with Melanie whole-heartedly–forgot to mention when I made my comment cos I get so upset when I read about all the bunnies and other critters that are rejected by people. They are sweet!

  3. My House Rabbit Post author

    Yes, in this case, the abandoned rabbits will get a chance to live happy, fulfilled lives in good homes thanks to the HRS. This story is a nice reminder of the great work rabbit rescues around the world do.

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