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5 thoughts on “The Expressive Bunny

  1. Toria Hemmings

    there are no descriptions so i’m going to guess what the faces mean
    1. i heard something! do i need to scamper off with this food still in my mouth 2. What i’m eating (you are distracting me) 3. nose fuss / begging (manipulating humans) 4. you just woke me up 5. grumpy/ tired 6. relaxed sleeping 7. the inquisitive look 8. not sure about this one i think its a caught playing face / happy 9. num num

  2. Nature Girl - Daisy's Mom

    What breed is she? I luv that “wild look!” My bun is a Californian mix, she is a lot of muscle which is common in her breed, and she has slightly lighter markings. Basically she is a little mutt, and I absolutely love my little adopted sweetie! it’s so nice to save at least one of the gazillions of buns that need help! Thanks MHR, for promoting “Adopt, not Shop!” In some of your posts. Thumbs up 4 house buns

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