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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year from My House Rabbit

  1. Voice 4 The Voiceless

    Sorry MHR for forgetting names, but the first rabbit is suuuupper irresistible!!! It’s not really the matter of forgetting, it’s just they look exactly the same(sort of) and I cannot say whether first bunny is Coco or Cosette. My bunny’s watching the Rose Bowl with me now, so I must go. But Happy New Year To you guys! (:

  2. My House Rabbit Post author

    The one on the left is Cosette and the one on the right is Coco (both photos). They are currently taking a relaxed approach to the new year by napping under the couch. 🙂

  3. Susan

    Happy New Year to Coco and Cosette, who are both adorable! They look so much like “Rex” my sister’s bunny who I had live with me for about 2 and 1/2 years and unfortunately passed away last year–she was 8 years old and was much-loved and well-cared for , so she had a good life but I miss her. My niece and nephew bunnies “Alex” and “Mr. Squiggles” (aka “Coco”!–he’s very dark brown) send their regards as well to you guys and all fellow bunny lovers and their buns for a great year! : )

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