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House Rabbit Society Offers Aid to Rabbits Found in Landfill

Rescued rabbitsThe latest Emergency Rescue Grant from the House Rabbit Society was awarded to Napa Humane Society and the student chapter of the UC Davis Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association to help pay for spays and neuters of 27 rabbits rescued from a field near the Fairfield landfill in Solano County, California.

If you would like to help rescue efforts like these, you can donate to the House Rabbit Society towards their Emergency Rescue Grant program. Learn more >

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One thought on “House Rabbit Society Offers Aid to Rabbits Found in Landfill

  1. Susan

    I’m so glad there are efforts being made by rabbit education and rescue groups to help in situations such as this. It’s terrible that it happens to dogs and cats as well, but awareness is much greater for those groups of pets. Those sweet bunnies, you can see the expressions on their faces that they are scared and vulnerable. God bless all those who are involved in the effort to stop this cruelty.

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