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Amy Sedaris and Bunnies in Style Magazine

Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris with her rabbit Dusty.

Comedian, actress, and house rabbit advocate Amy Sedaris recently gave an interview in Style Magazine. She spoke about her rabbit Dusty, who recently passed away at 12 years old, Tattletale, her first rabbit, as well as general tidbits about living with house rabbits. Here are some highlights.

Regarding her friend, Stephen Colbert:

“Stephen wasn’t crazy about getting a rabbit. His kids wanted one and he didn’t want the responsibility, but he got a little black bunny, who actually just had its leg amputated. And I went over to his house and was like, ‘Stephen! You’re doing everything wrong!’ and I sent him hay and books and information. Now the rabbit is doing really well!”

On pampering her bunnies:

“One time on Strangers, we did an Indians episode. I brought the tepee back to my apartment, and Tattletale lived in that for a while.”

On rabbit behavior:

“Give them any kind of cardboard to chew on. They love it. They chew everything. My rabbits chewed my shoes and the side of my bed. They shredded my bed skirts. All of my clothes still have holes. If you really love your rabbit, you won’t care.”

Read the full article at Style.com.

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5 thoughts on “Amy Sedaris and Bunnies in Style Magazine

  1. Brittany

    hello my name is Brittany and recently my roommate and i recently got two young rabbit that we love to death but we have a problem developing , they have recently turned roughly 13 to 14 weeks old and have started fighting each other which they have never done we got them together and from the same shop and they have been constant companions we dont know whats happening ,sadly we haven’t had them sexed and they’ve always had the same large pen or been aloud to roam the apartment at there will they have food everywhere and in there pen they have alot of water and several dishes as well i dont know what he problem is and i cant find anyone that is able to give advise on it sense none of my friends have had rabbits and this is the first set my roomate and i have had

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Getting the rabbits sexed is always a good idea. Male rabbits can reach sexual maturity as young as 10 weeks. So if you don’t know the sexes of your rabbits, you need to separate them immediately. Otherwise you could wind up with a litter of baby bunnies. You should also spay/neuter your rabbits when they are old enough, as this can help ease territorial tendencies and help with bonding.

      See our articles:

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Yes, but it would have to be a pretty large cage. We recommend doing a puppy pen setup for rabbit housing instead of cages, as this provides more space. See our article on housing here: http://myhouserabbit.com/rabbit-care/housing-your-pet-rabbit-indoors/

      The other thing is that spaying your rabbits is generally a good idea. A lot of times, people think they have two female rabbits, but one’s actually male, and they end up with accidental litters. There are a number of other benefits to spaying your rabbits as well, including easing territorial tendencies. Read more about it here: http://myhouserabbit.com/rabbit-health/spaying-or-neutering-your-pet-bunny/

  2. Lynda Maczynski

    I am a rabbit rescuer–having rescued dozens and dozens and dozens in my life. Even two wild cottontails have recently found my yard (which is a naturalized bunny-friendly yard with brush piles and a variety of plants, including shrubs and trees). I visit them throughout the day while they rest in the form they make in a cushion of fallen leaves.
    I give my indoor rescued rabbits natural pine cones that have not been treated with any chemicals to chew on. Before I give them the pine cones, I break off any little sharp spines on the scales that could be harmful to their mouth. I worry about giving them cardboard because it may have been treated with glues or other chemicals, especially corrugated cardboard. Bunnies also like to chew on pecan tree branches. Fruit tree branches first have to dry out for several months to outgas any cyanide they may have. Always check on the tree species before giving the branches to them. Bunnies also love raw sweet potato–just a small piece, such as a cubic inch once a day.

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