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Bunnies by the Beach: San Diego House Rabbit Society’s New Shelter

The San Diego House Rabbit Society recently opened a brand new shelter for their adoptable bunnies! See their new facility near the beach in this video:

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com

The San Diego House Rabbit Society is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit rabbit welfare organization that works with local shelters and humane societies to care for and find homes for abandoned domestic rabbits. All rabbits are spayed or neutered, litter box trained, and adopted to homes where they live as indoor family companions.

Learn more at their website >

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7 thoughts on “Bunnies by the Beach: San Diego House Rabbit Society’s New Shelter

  1. Bryana Andrade Nava

    Hi.My name is Bryana ,I am a nine year old girl.I think that video was amazing.I have a rabbit and I would like to know if maybe I bring my rabbit for one day because she is very naughty.I liked that video so much that I would like to work there

  2. Belinda Kachel

    Hi – I was given two baby rabbits three months ago and as much as I love them, I’m unable to keep them due to my dog who goes crazy around them. I keep them outside between thier hutch and a fenced in yard, I’d like to give to someone who would take them both (I need to confirm their genders since I don’t know what they are…), also want to ensure who will end up taking the bunnies on that they will not be kept in a cage all the time. They use their litter box in the hutch. Sooo my question, is do you know of a place close to where I live I can contact or reach out to for support? Thank you advance. I live in Hingham, MA- 20 minutes south of Boston…

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