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Make Your Own Logic Toys for Your Rabbit

We recently published a new article called Logic Toys for Rabbits.  The article was written by Christina Chivers of the online store, Bunny Approved.

Rabbit doing logic toy

The article discusses the types of toys that challenge your rabbit’s mind and provide much-needed enrichment. Chivers also provides instructions on creating your own logic toys.  It includes photos and a video of her rabbit, Bunny, engaging in these toys. (We also included a photo of Cosette playing with one we made using her instructions.)

Of course, if you don’t feel like making the toys yourself, you can purchase them from Bunny Approved.

Learn more at: Logic Toys for Rabbits

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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Logic Toys for Your Rabbit

  1. wendy

    How I house train my house rabbit. I got a dog cage that had a tray and I put in wire that has small squares.I used platic ties that you can adjust to any size.And put it above the Tray.
    This way it goes on the tray with paper on it ,and the rabbit doesn’t get dirty ,stay’s on the wire.You just remove the tray and put paper on it and slide it back under the cage.You can put Timothy Hay in the cage like I do.This way they eat and poop in the cage isn’t MESSY!

  2. Carol

    My bunny is smart.she comes to her Name and know’s the word food,Carrot, out side.I’m with her 18 hr’s a day .I open the door to let her come in.Somtimes if I crack the door a little, she will use her nose to open the door.I train her to not go over in the neighbors yard or the road.or in the field across from me.She runs free with no fence and for shelter she stay’s under my car or in the shurbs..when I start the car she runs out .she is one amazing rabbit,I love her so much!

  3. Amrita Maharaj

    Hi! I’m a big fan of the site and I loved the post on logic toys. My rabbit, Mokona, is a very curious guy and wants to explore all the time. We got him a cat condo and tried to do agility training for him. Having him climb for treats only works about 50% of the time and he gets bored of chasing after me for them. This is a great way for him to entertain himself when I am at school for the day. It’s unfortunate that the shipping is so high to Canada from Bunny Approved. I would have loved to get some of these toys for Mokona and my sister-in-laws rabbit, Lucy. I am definitely going to try and build a couple of these toys, maybe as his Christmas present! I started my own website recently about Mokona. You can check it out at http://www.dustirain.com.

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