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Giant Inflatable Rabbits “Intrude” on Boston

Giant rabbit sculptures

Intrude, an art installation by Amanda Parer.

Rabbits of a monumental size loomed over visitors to Boston’s Lawn on D last week. The whimsical inflatable sculptures were created by Amanda Parer initially for the Vivid Festival of Light in Sydney in 2014. Since then, the rabbit sculptures have traveled to festivals across the globe including stops in England, Belgium, Australia, France, Canada, Scotland, Denmark and Italy.

Although at first, the rabbits bring about a sense of childlike wonderment, upon closer inspection, the art elicits a more ominous feeling. According to Parer, “Intrude is about us, Westerners, Europeans, coming to Australia and dramatically changing the space. Not only bringing introduced species, but also having a dire effect on the indigenous peoples there. As a culture, we haven’t come to terms with that.”

Learn more at The Artery.

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3 thoughts on “Giant Inflatable Rabbits “Intrude” on Boston

    1. Xoii

      the poses are based on the artists observations of the wild bunnies who frequent the area the sculptures first appeared on Sydney Harbour.. I’d say that’s about as natural as you’ll get lol 🙂

  1. Xoii

    I saw these beautiful sculptures the first night at Vivid Sydney.. I hadn’t even known they were going to be there.. and although they may seem ominous to some, I couldn’t resist running up like a little kid and having a cuddle, and getting as many photos with and of them as possible! I remember reading an interview with the artist, where they had mentioned rabbits being beautiful creatures, who for all their sordid history in Australia, are now a part of the landscape, a landscape I personally have grown up loving.

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