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6 thoughts on “Bunny of the Week: Chip

  1. Ruth

    I wonder if anyone can help me or redirect me to someone who can? I have had a house rabbit for 2 years but the last 6 months she constantly produces cecotropes throughout the morning till mid afternoon that she doesn’t consume – she is consuming some but must be producing too many. Her diet is pretty good in that she only has hay and hay bales and I’ve removed the cardboard that she likes to eat and she has a ½ eggcup full of nuggets in the morning. Does anyone have any ideas please?

    Nice bunny of the week by the way 🙂

    1. Ariana

      The same thing happened to mine – the problem was he produced more than he felt he needed to consume. So I reduced his greens (grass, herbs, dancdelion etc.), veggies and timothy hay, which I grow myself for him, and it helped. If you feed her fresh veggies, sometimes just one of them is responsible, so try eliminating them one by one. Also try to spread out the nuggets throughout the day, so she doesn’t eat all of them at once. If nothing helps, talk to a rabbit savvy vet.

  2. Larissa Stevenson

    I was wanting to comment on another post( building a relationship with your rabbit) but I could not find out how to comment on that so I am going to comment about it here. All rabbits are different, my rabbit for instance loves to be pet on her back, nose, ears, forehead and checks. Just because your rabbits do not like to be pet on their back does not mean that every rabbit does not like to be pet on their back. I looked on the internet just to see but I was thinking and all you have to do to is actually pet them for an hour or so and you will find out where your rabbit likes to be pet. It is not that complicated, I know that I say that you have to pet your rabbit but I was looking at the internet. Well, somebody said that they thought that they saw something that said that rabbits do not like to be pet on their back, I was looking and while I was doing so they said that every rabbit is different. I completely agree. it would be like if I said that my rabbit will lay beside me and when I stop petting her she will gently nudge me with her nose ( she really does do that) and I said that every rabbit will do the same thing. They will not.

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Yes, so true, Larissa. Rabbits have unique personalities. I think just taking the time to get to know your bunny, and paying attention to what he/she does and does not like is key.

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