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February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!

Rabbit valentineThis month is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. And in case you weren’t aware, adopting a rabbit instead of buying one from a breeder or pet store has many benefits.

  • You can give a bunny a second chance. Through no fault of their own, some rabbits are surrendered to shelters or abandoned. When you adopt a rabbit (or pair of rabbits) from a shelter, you can ensure from that point on, that animal will lead a happy and healthy life.
  • You can find a good match. Volunteers at rabbit rescues come to know each one of their rabbits’ personalities. You can find a good match for you and your family (and your other rabbit if you’re looking to adopt a bond mate), when you adopt from a rescue.
  • You can walk away with a litter-trained bunny. Rabbits at rescues are often litter-trained by volunteers.
  • You save yourself money. Rescue rabbits are spayed/neutered at the appropriate age while at the shelter or in foster homes. Sometimes they are microchipped. So adopting from a rescue will save you money on costly veterinary expenses.

If you want to learn more, see our article, “Benefits of Adopting a Pet Rabbit.”

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7 thoughts on “February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!

  1. SARA


    our children want a bunny with their xmas pennies, We are wanting a child free baby bunny fully trained, spayed/neutered and chipped if possible.

    We are in Leeds, Allerton Bywater.

    1. My House Rabbit Post author

      Hi Ethel,

      It’s definitely possible your grandson is allergic to rabbits. It’s also possible he’s allergic to the hay the rabbit eats.

  2. Cassidy Leigh

    Heyy everyone (:

    so i have a 5 week old holland lop & i was wondering when will her ears drop ? shes very very tiny , so not sure if there heavy enough ..

    Thanks for any adivce or comments (:

  3. Laphone

    Hey I am trying to ask my mom for a Rabbit, but I am doing some research first. Do you recommend any good websites that can help me???

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