About Us

rabbitThere are many misconceptions about pet bunnies. First and foremost, there is the idea that rabbits are dirty creatures that belong outside in a hutch. In truth, bunnies make wonderful indoor companions because they are quiet, clean, affectionate animals who can easily be litter box trained, just like cats!

MyHouseRabbit.com is dedicated to celebrating house rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care and behavior. If you are a first-time bunny owner, this site will provide all the necessary information about creating a safe, welcoming environment for your new pet. It will also give you some insight into rabbit behavior, so you will better understand your rabbit’s needs.

MyHouseRabbit.com was started by veteran rabbit owners Abi Cushman and P.A. Smith of New London, CT, who wished to provide a useful resource for those new to house rabbits. They also manage a website about wildlife called Animal Fact Guide.