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Conserving the New England Cottontail

New England Cottontail

Photo by Linda Cullivan, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region

In an effort to bolster New England cottontail numbers, wildlife biologists have captured five cottontails from stable populations in eastern Connecticut and will transfer them to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island as part of a breeding program.  The offspring, once old enough, will be radio collared and released into Rhode Island. If the program is successful, they will release the young into other New England states as well.

It’s strange to think that such a prolific animal could be in danger of extinction, but the New England cottontail population has been dwindling for quite some time now due to loss of habitat (shrubby, “early successional” habitat) and competition with larger, hardier Eastern cottontails (which are not native to the region).

For more information, see: The Day.

Canadian Rabbit Rescue Wins $10,000

Adoptable rabbit at Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Anastasia, one of several rabbits under the care of Rabbit Rescue, Inc. who is up for adoption.

A couple months ago, we posted about a Canadian rabbit rescue in the running for a large grant.  The results are in, and Rabbit Rescue, Inc. of Ontario won the runner up prize of $10,000 with 9,300 votes!

The funding comes at a time when the rabbit charity will need the extra support.  Year after year, Easter marks a time when people purchase bunnies for their young children without fully understanding the responsibility and commitment of owning a rabbit.  The majority of these impulse buys end up in shelters and rescues.

For more information, see:

Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Free Rescued Rabbit Cards

Betty from Rescue Glamour Shots designs free, downloadable greeting cards, calendars, and more featuring photos of rescued rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters.  The idea is to create fun products while spreading the word about various rescue organizations. You can find all the available designs on the Rescue Glamour Shots downloads page.

If you are associated with a rescue, you can even send in a photo of one of your adoptables and Betty will design a card with your rescue’s web address on it!

Free, downloadable card from Rescue Glamour Shots

Second Chance for Dumped Bunnies

Rose Ann Goins with two rescued rabbits

Rose Ann Goins with two of the twenty rescued rabbits. Photo Nancy Rokos, Burlington County Times.

A good Samaritan rescued 20 rabbits who were dumped in a storm drain in the town of Cinnaminson, New Jersey this past weekend. A neighbor had called Rose Ann Goins, an animal lover who’d previously had a pet rabbit for 10 years, saying that hawks were circling around a congregation of bunnies nearby. Goins took the rabbits into her home and contacted the Animal Welfare Association, a no-kill shelter who will care for the bunnies until they can be adopted out.

For more information, see:

Animal Welfare Association

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter is just around the corner!  To celebrate, here are a few easy bunny craft ideas to do with kids:

Envelope Bunnies
via Martha Stewart Kids
Envelope Bunnies
Fun and easy to make, you can fill these festive paper pouches with sweet treats when you finish!

Pretty Paper Bunnies

via Charlotte’s Fancy
Paper Bunnies
These adorable decorations are simple to make and brighten up any room!

Egg Bunny

via Kaboose
Easter Egg Bunny
Bunnify your dyed Easter eggs!

Bunny Egg Holder

via Skip to My Lou
Bunny Egg Holder
This cute craft comes with a free, downloadable template!



Adoption Story: Bunnicula

Bunnicula - large New Zealand rabbit

Bunnicula, a large New Zealand rabbit, was the subject of the Rabbit Advocate's winning adoption story.

To celebrate Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day, the Rabbit Advocate (a blog run by an HRS educator) hosted a contest for the best rabbit adoption story.

The winning story came from Kelly S. in Boston, who volunteered at a local shelter and watched as a large white bunny waited and waited for her turn to be adopted.

“Everything changed when Bunnicula, a large New Zealand rabbit, was brought to the shelter. The sign on the window of her cage stated that her previous owners no longer had time to care for her. I opened the door to her cage that first day and Bunnicula hopped right over to me, giving my hand a little nudge to let me know she wanted attention.”

Read the full story at the Rabbit Advocate »

Sketchy Easter Bunnies

The Cheezburger Network has launched a new seasonal site devoted to photos of um… interesting… Easter bunnies.  You know what I’m talking about- we’ve all seen them at the local malls. Even though actual bunnies are quite cute, there are (and have always been) a ton of creepy/scary-looking Easter bunny costumes out there…

Enjoy: Sketchy Bunnies

Sketchy Easter bunny

Calling All British Rabbit Owners


The University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences is conducting a study of how rabbits are cared for in the UK.

According to Dr. Emily Blackwell, a member of the research team: “We are keen to hear from rabbit owners about all aspects of their rabbit’s life as very little is currently known about the way pet rabbits are kept in the UK. We want to know where rabbits live, how they behave, what they eat and how healthy they are, as well as how they interact with their owners.”

If you live in the UK and own a rabbit, go to www.survey.bris.ac.uk/awb/rabbitsurvey to complete the survey. Everyone who fills it out will have the opportunity to win 100 pounds.

Take Part in Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day on March 15

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet DayTo celebrate its 15th birthday, Petfinder is launching a campaign to spread the word about animal adoption on March 15, 2011. There are many ways to get the message out including:

  • Writing about pet adoption on your blog, website, Facebook page, or Twitter account
  • Adding a badge (like the one shown on the right) to your website or blog
  • Captioning a Petfinder adoptable photo on I Can Has Cheezburger

You can focus more on spreading the word about rabbit adoption in the following ways: