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Canadian Rabbit Rescue in the Running to Win Online Contest

Rabbit Rescue Inc., a charity providing homes for abused/neglected rabbits in Ontario, has a chance to win a large grant.  The rescue is entered an offshoot of Wind Mobile’s Best Conversation Ever contest called the Charity Challenge.  Based on top votes, the first place charity will receive $50,000 and the five runners up will receive $10,000 each.

If you would like to help, vote for Rabbit Rescue here: http://bestconversationever.ca/charitychallenge

The contest closes March 7.

British Rabbit Show Jumping

The Burgess Premier Small Animal Show was held over the weekend in Harrogate, Yorkshire and featured a new rabbit jumping event, which attracted newer competitors from England and veteran jumpers from Sweden. The clip above features a champion rabbit show jumper named Flora from Sweden.

Other clips showcased less elegant rounds where bunnies crouched down refusing to jump over the hurdles, ran around/away from the hurdles, or knocked the bars down with their noses.

For more info:


Tips for Prospective Bunny Owners

Black rabbitAs January comes to a close, we are entering a time when many people may be suddenly inspired to buy a pet rabbit.  The Chinese Year of the Rabbit starts February 3rd, and Easter is around the corner on April 24th.  Of course, at My House Rabbit, we love having rabbits as pets, and we love that many other people share that sentiment. However, before prospective bunny owners make any impulse buys, we wanted to encourage a few things:

Do your homework about pet rabbits first!  Make sure a bunny is right for you and your family.  Check out these articles:

Second, if you have done your research and are certain you can provide a loving home to a bunny, we strongly encourage you to adopt a bunny from a rescue or shelter.  Shelters are overrun with homeless bunnies in need of forever homes.  Check out the following article for many reasons why adopting a bunny is preferable to buying one from a pet store or breeder.

In closing, please don’t make impulse bunny buys!  Pet rabbits are long-term commitments, and they are not by any means low-maintenance pets.

UVic Campus to be Bunny-Free

The University of Victoria decided today that instead of maintaining a population of 200 rabbits on their campus, they will relocate all of them.  To date, 823 rabbits have been relocated to sanctuaries in British Columbia and Texas.  Currently, 50 rabbits remain on the grounds, and they will be relocated within the next few weeks. After March 1st, any rabbits who are abandoned on campus will be euthanized.  Campus officials hope this policy will discourage people from irresponsibly dumping their pets.

Laura-Leah Shaw of the Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS) has spearheaded the mission to relocate the feral rabbits who’d made UVic their home for years.  She has personally driven vanloads of rabbits down to the Wild Rose Ranch in Texas and has  taken out a $25,000 line of credit to fund the relocation project.  If you would like to support TRACS, make a donation at their website.

Batch of UVic bunnies on route to Texas

Batch of UVic bunnies en route to Texas

For more information, see VicNews.com.

Hen Babysits Litter of Bunnies

Bunny mom with babysitter henAt Staglands Wildlife Reserve near Wellington, New Zealand, staff went to check for eggs under one of their silky bantam hens and instead found a litter of four baby bunnies.

The mother rabbit, who was out in the parklands, doesn’t mind the avian babysitter.

According to Jayson Davis, who discovered the babies, “The mother rabbit has no problem with it. They only feed once a day which is usually at night time but I have occasionally seen her in there with the chicken herself, and the babies. It doesn’t seem to be a lot of room in there but there’s never any bickering.”

Learn more at TVNZ.

Maryland Rabbit Hoarding

This case really shows the importance of spaying/neutering your pet rabbit.  The owners of these rabbits said they started with what they thought were two female rabbits.  This wasn’t the case, and the rabbits kept breeding with each other. The final count was 78 when officials intervened.

If you live in the Baltimore area and would like to help, the House Rabbit Society of Baltimore, DC, and NoVA are looking for emergency foster homes for these bunnies. Email rabbitinfo@rabbitsinthehouse.org.

Vote for Eames

A couple years ago, we posted about a wonderful bunny enclosure that was custom created to match the stylish decor of the owner’s home and provide a cozy home for a bunny named Eames.

Now Eames is a star again!  You can vote for him in a photo contest by Modernica with the theme: Pets on Furniture.

Eames, Charlotte, and Hippo

Eames the bunny on a Panton chair with Charlotte the cat and Hippo. Photo by Nicole.

Vote for Eames at: Modernica Furniture

Rabbits Rescued from Texas House Fire

Phoenix, the rabbit given CPR after suffering from smoke inhalation

Phoenix receiving oxygen after suffering from smoke inhalation. Photo by Trish Johnson.

Earlier this week in Katy, TX, a house fire killed three women and left their 23 pet rabbits stranded. The flames didn’t reach the rabbits, who were caged on the back porch, but the bunnies did suffer from smoke inhalation.  Animal rescue group Special Pals took the rabbits in and treated their respiratory ailments.

According to Yvonne David, Executive Director at Special Pals, “A fireman brought me one rabbit who did not appear to be breathing. I gave him CPR, and the EMS personnel supplied him with oxygen. All of sudden he ‘came to’ and started breathing on his own. We’re calling him Phoenix.”

All the rabbits are recovering and will be up for adoption soon. You can also help by donating fresh produce to Special Pals.

For more info:
Ultimate Katy
Special Pals

Rabbits Take Over Japanese Chemical Weapons Site

The tiny island of Okunoshima was once home to a major poisonous gas facility for the Imperial Army during World War II. The island, only 4 kilometers in circumference, had even been removed from Japanese maps for a period of time for security purposes. Once the war ended, the island was deserted. In 1971, a teacher from the nearby city of Takehara abandoned the school’s pet rabbits in Okunoshima. Now, the island is host 300 feral rabbits.

With 2011 being the Year of the Rabbit, many tourists are making their way to the little island to see the furry inhabitants.

For more info, see:
Japan Probe

Canada to Launch Rabbit Stamp

Canada rabbit stamp

In celebration of the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, Canada Post is launching a beautiful new stamp January 7, 2011.  The design, which emulates a Chinese embroidery style, features the front part of a rabbit hopping behind the feet of another. When the stamps are side by side, they line up so the rabbits “chase” each other in the chain.

For more info: Canada Post

Teeniest Rabbit Sculpture

Tiny rabbit figurine by Chen Forng-shean

If you use a microscope, you can just barely make out a rabbit eating a carrot in a resin figurine created by Taiwanese artist Chen Forng-shean.  The sculpture, made in honor of the upcoming Chinese Year of the Rabbit, is .02 inch long and sits atop an eye of a needle.  It’s 1/20th the size of an average grain of rice. It’s also delicately painted.

When Chen Forng-shean isn’t creating teeny tiny sculptures, he works at Taiwan’s Central Engraving and Printing Plant as a money printing plate designer.

For more info about the miniature rabbit sculpture, see: NTD Television.

To see more of Chen Forng-shean’s work, see: International Exhibition of Calligraphy.

Holiday Gift Picks for Bunny Lovers

If you haven’t found a gift yet for the rabbit lover in your family or circle of friends, below are a few unique, handmade, rabbit-themed gift ideas!

Sharing Secrets Bunny Cupcake Stand ~ $38
A handmade stoneware dessert stand featuring two little bunnies sharing a secret.
By alinahayes on Etsy.
Cupcake stand

“Tails” Baby Spoons
~ $23 each
Handcrafted pewter baby spoons with different animals. The back of each spoon shows the tail of the animal.
By Beehive Kitchenware at Sawbridge Studios
Tails baby spoons

Fuzzy Bunny Hand Printed Flour Sack Tea Towel
Lint-free, absorbent tea towel with inquisitive rabbit screen print.
By FuzzyMug on Etsy
rabbit tea towel

Rabbit with Hat and Scarf Signed Print
~ $5
A 2.5″ x 3.5″ print on premium cardstock matt finish paper with artist’s signature.
By Poor Dog Farm on Etsy
Rabbit in Hat print

Reach for the Stars Archival Print
~ $8
This 5×7″ print features a whimsical elephant and rabbit reaching for the stars.
By trafalgarssquare on Etsy
Elephant and rabbit print

Rabbit Scoop Neck T-Shirt
~ $24
Rabbit screenprinted by hand with non-toxic brown ink onto a cotton scoop-neck t-shirt.
By NYhop on Etsy

And don’t forget to check out My House Rabbit’s own Bunny Lover Gift Shop as well as the rabbit-themed shops listed on our Resources page!
My House Rabbit's Gift Shop

Dusty Sedaris: A Top Celebrity Pet

Amy Sedaris’s pet mini-rex rabbit, Dusty, was recently listed on Sugar Slam’s list of the most famous celebrity pets. Dusty has popped up in the actress/comedienne’s work from time to time, with mentions in her books and a feature role in the Microsoft ad below:

Sedaris is a spokesperson for the House Rabbit Society, and Dusty enjoys free reign in her Manhattan apartment.