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Best Bunny Photos of 2014

Here are a few of our favorite photo submissions from 2014. Enjoy!


Bubs and Bella

Two rabbits on couch.

Submitted by Sarah.

First Runner-up: Beckett and Castle

Submitted by Gary.

Submitted by Gary.

Second Runner-up: Ginger and Lil Bug

Rabbits snuggling

Submitted by Heather.



Submitted by Henrik.

Submitted by Henrik.

First Runner-up: Barney

Submitted by Linda.

Submitted by Linda.

Second Runner-up: Teddy

Rabbit sleeping

Submitted by Tosca.


Mr. Alfie

Submitted by Brooke.

Submitted by Brooke.

First Runner-up: Balu and D

Two rabbits relaxing

Submitted by Cristina.

Second Runner-up: Loppy

Lop-eared rabbit

Submitted by Claire.



Nancito and Cindy

Rabbit sitting on another rabbit

Submitted by Tania.

First Runner-up: Walter and Jesse

Two rabbits lying on each other

Submitted by Amy.

Second Runner-up: Fozzie and Bella

Two rabbits lying on each other.

Submitted by Catherine.



Fuzzy rabbit face

Submitted by Pa.

First Runner-up: Bluebell

Lionhead rabbit

Submitted by Jill.

Second Runner-up: Rose

Angora rabbit

Submitted by Michelle.


Lulù in Milan, Italy

Submitted by Monica.

Submitted by Monica.

First Runner-up: Nicoletta in her beautifully-tiled house in Los Angeles

Hotot rabbit sitting down.

Submitted by Sabine.

Second Runner-up: Roger at Mississippi State University

Mini rex

Submitted by John.



Lionhead rabbit peeking out.

(Submitted by Ariana.)

First Runner-up: Cory

Rabbit in box

Submitted by Amanda.

Second Runner-up: Winston

Rabbit in tunnel

Submitted by Heather.



Rabbit on motorbike

Submitted by Nancy.

Runner-up: Party Pete

Rabbit on car

Submitted by Laura.

Second Runner-up: Leo

Rabbit on shoulder

(Submitted by Katie.)



Lop-eared rabbit on bed.

Submitted by Claire.

First Runner-up: Bungee

Lop-eared rabbit

Submitted by Suzanne.

Second Runner-up: Chewie

Lop-eared rabbit

Submitted by Michelle.



Rabbit butt

Submitted by Kamila.

First Runner-up: Coco and Tundra

Bunny butts

(Submitted by Erin.)

Second Runner-up: Buddy

Rabbit behind

Submitted by Sarah.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of fantastic 2014 bunny photos!  Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures.

To see more adorable rabbit photos, check out our Photo Gallery and our Facebook page. If you would like to submit photos to the site, email them to photos@myhouserabbit.com. Be sure to include your bunny’s name.

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Bunny of the Week: Nicoletta

Hotot rabbit sitting down.

Nicoletta from Los Angeles. Submitted by Sabine.

You can see a video of Nicoletta here:


And see more photos of Nicoletta’s beautiful house at www.zeo-design.com.

For more cute bunny photos, see: https://myhouserabbit.com/bunny-photos/

If you have a cute photo of your house rabbit, email them to photos@myhouserabbit.com for inclusion on our website and Facebook page.

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