What to Get Your Pet Bunny for Christmas

Are you looking for the best gift for your pet rabbit for Christmas? Here are our top picks for presents your bunny will love this holiday season.

Christmas bunny

1. A Box

Yes, really. No matter what you get, the most entertaining part of the present for your rabbit will be the box it was shipped in. Read up on how to transform those large Amazon shipping boxes into long-term bunny renovation projects in our article, Build a Cardboard Castle for Your Bunny.

Rabbit in cardboard castle

2. Bunny Play House

Bunnies love tunnels and exploring. So a great gift for a bunny is a large wooden play house that they can run around in, hide out in, or chew on, such as this Extra Large Wooden Hideout.

3. Logic Toys

Rabbits are intelligent animals, and they need enriching, challenging activities or else they get bored. You can purchase logic toys, such as this Sniff ‘n’ Snack Rabbit Enrichment Toy, or you can make your own. Read our article, Logic Toys for Rabbits, for information on making your own enrichment toys for your bunny.

Bunny with logic toys

4. Chewing Toys

Rabbits can’t help it. Their teeth never stop growing, and they have an incessant need to chew on things. So a great gift for your bunny is something they can really have fun gnawing, such as these:

5. Fresh Veggies

Just like people, rabbits love a good meal. Treat them to their favorite fresh veggies. Perhaps some dandelion leaves or some fragrant cilantro. Perhaps some carrot tops or strawberry tops. Just make sure if you give your bunny fruit or carrots to keep the portion size small so they don’t get upset tummies. For more information on appropriate vegetables for rabbits, see What to Feed Your Pet Rabbit.

Rabbit eating greens

Of course, the best present you can give your pet rabbit for Christmas is your love and attention and a safe space where they can run and play and just be themselves.


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