Cute Bunny Photo Submission Guidelines

From fantastic flops to boisterous binkies, our readers have captured some amazing rabbit moments. If you have an adorable house rabbit photo that you’d like to share, you’ve come to the right place!

Email your photos to us at Be sure to include your bunny’s name in your email. We like to include that information in the caption.

Due to the volume of emails we receive, we cannot guarantee we’ll post your photo, although we’ll do our best. 

Helpful Hints

Setting: Since our website is about celebrating house rabbits, we like to feature photos that depict rabbits inside a home. This is not to say we never feature rabbits who are outside on a leash/in a run or indoors in a cage, but we do prefer photos that depict rabbits exploring an indoor setting. (Note: Although this should go without saying, we will not post any photos depicting rabbits in unsanitary or unsafe conditions.)

Winston. (Submitted by Heather.)

Winston. (Submitted by Heather.)

Natural behavior: We enjoy photos of rabbits doing natural rabbitty things (binkying, periscoping, flopping, snuggling, etc.).

Two rabbits on couch.

Submitted by Sarah.

Quality photographs: Photos taken in natural light that are vivid and sharp tend to make the cut more often. Make sure the version you email is large enough to see details (medium or large sizes) and is not too dark or grainy.

Rabbit butt

Submitted by Kamila.

Ready with your photo? Email it to!

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