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Bunny Party!

Birthday coming up? Time for a tea party? Just want a reason to get together? As a rabbit-lover, a bunny-themed party might be right for you. We’ve put together a few things that might help you out.

Bunny Cakes

Peter Rabbit Cake
Peter Rabbit Cake
A recipe from McCormick made from two 9-inch round cakes.  The recipe simply calls for cutting up one of the cakes to create the ears and body.

Bunny cake

Food Network Bunny Cake

A more 3D cake made with two 9-inch round cakes from the Food Network.

Bunny Cake

Betty Crocker Bunny Cake

The Betty Crocker version of a 3D bunny cake.

Bunny Games

  • The Bunny Hop – Relay race in which each contestant must hop around an object, like a fake carrot available at craft stores, wearing bunny ears and holding a ball or balloon between their legs as they hop.
  • Bunny Tag – Traditional tag, but with players must hop like a rabbit.
  • Carrot Toss – Ring-toss around a craft-store carrot.
  • Pin The Nose (or Tail) on the Bunny – Draw a bunny face or full bunny on a piece of poster paper. Cut out construction paper noses or use cotton balls with pieces of rolled tape on the back.

Bunny Decorations

  • Bunny Balloons – Use a marker to draw a bunny face on a helium balloon and attach a pair of construction paper ears.
  • Bunny Banners – available from Expressions In Design or French & Sparrow
  • Bunny Confetti – available from Papirvendage
  • Bunny Wall Decals – available from Twistmo
  • Bunny Stamp – available from Amazon

Free Peep-themed Easter Craft Patterns / Tutorials

If you love Peeps marshmallow bunnies, you can base a whole craft theme around them this Easter.  With these free felt sewing patterns and tutorials, you can create your own Peep-inspired bunny decor/gifts that will brighten up your holiday.

Marshmallow Bunny Plushies by Dandelions and Lace
Marshmallow Bunny Plushies by Dandelion and Lace

Felt Peep Money / Gift Card Holders by Mommy Savers
Felt Peep Money / Gift Card Holders by Mommy Savers

Felt Peep Bunny Bunting by V and Co. / MADE
Felt Peep Bunny Bunting by V and Co. / MADE

Get Ready for International Rabbit Weekend!

September 24-25, 2011 (the fourth weekend of every September) is devoted to learning about proper rabbit care and appreciating the unique companionship pet rabbits offer. Below is a sampling of how you can celebrate rabbits this weekend!

Various Rabbit Rescue Events

Saturday, September 24:

Sunday, September 25:

(If your rabbit rescue is hosting an International Rabbit Day event, contact us, and we’ll add you to the list.)

Rabbit Care Information

Check out our articles in Rabbit Care, Rabbit Behavior, Rabbit Health, and New to Rabbits? sections for information on providing a safe, happy environment for your pet bunnies.  There is also a wealth of information on the websites listed on our Resources page.

Fun Bunny Gifts

Funny Bunny Videos

Bunny Binkying

Bunny Show Jumping

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter is just around the corner!  To celebrate, here are a few easy bunny craft ideas to do with kids:

Envelope Bunnies
via Martha Stewart Kids
Envelope Bunnies
Fun and easy to make, you can fill these festive paper pouches with sweet treats when you finish!

Pretty Paper Bunnies

via Charlotte’s Fancy
Paper Bunnies
These adorable decorations are simple to make and brighten up any room!

Egg Bunny

via Kaboose
Easter Egg Bunny
Bunnify your dyed Easter eggs!

Bunny Egg Holder

via Skip to My Lou
Bunny Egg Holder
This cute craft comes with a free, downloadable template!



Adorable Rabbit Knitting Patterns

If you’re the crafty type, you may be considering making gifts for the holiday season.  One November, I decided to make this knitted rabbit by fuzzymitten (pattern can be found at this link).  I thought it might be fun to try another pattern this year.  I found several that were incredibly cute, and wanted to share them with everyone.

Genevie the Bunny knitting pattern PDF
Genevie Bunny Knitting Pattern PDF by yarnigans – $3.50

Rowena Rabbit Knitting Pattern PDF
Rowena Rabbit Knitting Pattern PDF by dollytime – $3.95

Fittipaldi Car Carrot Knitting Pattern PDF
Fittipaldi Car Carrot Knitting Pattern PDF by handmadeawards – $4.50

Bunty Bunny Goes Swimming Knitting Pattern PDF
Bunty Bunny Goes Swimming Knitting Pattern PDF by periwinklepark – $3.50

Wee Woodland Wuzzies Knitting Pattern PDF
Wee Woodland Wuzzies Knitting Pattern PDF by fuzzymitten – $4.50