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New rabbit health articles

Chronic myxomatosis in rabbitWe’ve just added two new articles to My House Rabbit concerning rabbit diseases. They were written by two practicing vets from the UK who also run an online pet meds site called Vetstoria.co.uk. The articles include both photos and videos to highlight symptoms of the diseases and demonstrate treatment procedures.

While some of the footage is a little unpleasant to watch, it is important to be aware of these diseases so you can ensure your own bunny’s clean bill of health.

You can read the articles here:

Conjunctivitis in Young Rabbits
Myxomatosis: Vaccination (for UK bunny owners- vaccine not readily available in the US)

Interview with a Denver Vet

Recently I came across this interview with Denver veterinarian Terry Campbell. http://www.denverpost.com/headlines/ci_8414920

He talks about diagnosing and treating sick rabbits. Most of what he said seems like pretty sound advice.

But one thing that caught my attention was that he said petting and hugging are more human needs, and pets could do without them. I’d agree with the hugging part. I haven’t come across any animal that actually likes to be hugged. But as for petting, my Coco and Cosette love being petted. Cosette will sit for a long time being stroked as long as I don’t tickle her ears by accident. (And if that happens, then she’ll have to spend a long time scratching and grooming her ears before she settles in again for more petting.) Both rabbits also love being groomed by the other. So it seems to me that this is a rabbit need as well.

Does anyone have any other thoughts on the matter?

Rabbit Cousin: The Pika

Here’s a cute video about the pika, the other member of the order Lagomorpha besides the rabbit and the hare. The video, which features David Attenborough, depicts a pika collecting poisonous plants for winter. The poison acts as a preservative, so later in the winter months, the poison will wear off and the plant will be fresh and edible.

Photos of Coco & Cosette

Here are some photos of the bunnies lounging today. Both have funny places where they like to sleep. For example, when they are not under the coffee table, Coco will lie down on a plastic pet food tray, and Cosette will rest near the elliptical trainer, sometimes under the pedal.

Cosette snoozing by the elliptical.

Coco with feet resting on the baseboard and head on plastic mat.

Coco arising, suspicious of the camera.

Coco still concerned.

Coco decides all is well.

Cosette Featured on Rabbittude!

Cosette was featured on Rabbittude’s Visiting Expert page for May 2007. According to Rabbittude‘s dictionary page, “Rabbittude” is defined as: the knowledge of being superior: “I am the bunny!”

This is very true for Cosette.

Cosette eating the recyclables

I will say that I grossly overestimated her weight for her profile. She’s very strong- forcefully nudging me, digging on my back, lifting the puppy pen (which now has 12 pound weights keeping it down), so I assumed she was a lot heavier than she was. But actually according to the last visit to the vet’s, she’s only 4.7 pounds. (Sorry Cos!)

Bunnified Christmas Movies

Well, it’s that time of year again to break out those old Christmas classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. But, if you prefer watching abridged versions that are also re-enacted by cartoon rabbits, then 30-Second Bunnies is just what you need!

A Christmas Story Still

Watch Jennifer Shiman’s It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation in Bun-O-Vision.

Rabbits are Ecologically Friendly Pets

Recycling BunnyAccording to pet columnist Gina Spadafori, keeping rabbits as pets is more environmentally friendly than keeping cats and dogs. You can grow their food in a garden, and then you can throw the recycled paper litter and droppings into a compost pile to fertilize the garden. If you buy locally grown hay, you reduce the need for shipping food across the country, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions.

For more information:


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