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Car-Eating Rabbits!

Well, sort of. There aren’t any ferocious beasts of Monty Python caliber, but rabbits are being blamed for munched-on wires in the Denver Airport parking lot.

Dexter Meyer had parked his new Volkswagen Jetta in the airport parking lot while away on a nine day vacation. Upon his return, Meyer was greeted with blinking lights when he started his car. A trip to the dealership found that wires had been chewed through. The mechanic suggested a rabbit was the culprit because he had seen a few cars brought in from the airport with chewed wires.

The airport has a fence around the lot, but apparently the rabbits are too sneaky to be kept out by it. If those wild rabbits are anything like our two troublemakers wires are too tempting to not be chomped.

For more visit Denver’s 9 News.

Wild Rabbit Movie: Rabbit Love

Agnes de Weert from the Netherlands sent in this amazing movie of a wild rabbit family living in her backyard last year. In the video, you can see the rabbits building a nest and the mama bun nursing the babies. Unfortunately, it is apparent that the mama bun was very sick, but the babies did survive.

Watch it here:

Yesterday, Agnes spotted two wild rabbits in her backyard. Perhaps there will be a new bunny family?

Bunny Cafe

In Japan, home to many adorable and also very quirky things, there are rabbit cuddling cafes that people can visit to relax. Basically, patrons of the cafe can play with the resident rabbits, who have been trained to be amenable to petting and handling, and they can also eat rabbit-shaped food and buy rabbit-shaped pottery.

Watch the video here.

Bunny Cafe

Bunny Cafe

Rabbit Fever


After filming behind the scenes action for Lucas Film productions, Amy Do decided to branch out into something more earthly, rabbits. Her new documentary, Rabbit Fever, explores the world of rabbit showing. Do follows the competitors at the National American Rabbit Convention over the course of five years. Each year 20,000 rabbits are entered into competition for Best in Show, Rabbit King, and Rabbit Queen.

The film premiere coincides with the 100th anniversary of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

To learn more visit the Rabbit Fever website.

Bunni Game


Join me on Bunni Island here

Here’s a cute and addictive game featuring bunnies. It’s similar to Animal Crossing.

– Press and hold the mouse button to move in a direction.
– Drag and drop bunnies onto buildings to put them to work.
– Drag and drop bunnies onto your character to make them follow you.
– Plant flowers so your bunnies don’t become hungry
– Harvest gold and wood to buy better items

Adoptable Rabbits Web Cam

As Easter approaches, it is good to spread the message that:

1. Rabbits are not disposable, low-maintenance pets
2. With proper care, rabbits can live around 15 years
3. There are many homeless rabbits in need of forever homes, so it is better to adopt a rabbit rather than buy one.

Found Animals Foundation, Inc. has partnered with rescues in the Los Angeles area to help adopt out the overwhelming number of homeless rabbits by offering a LIVE streaming BunnyCam showing many of the adoptable rabbits in the area.

For more info:
Found Animals

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to adopt a rabbit, vist:

And if you are thinking of adopting a rabbit, visit our Rabbit Care and Rabbit Behavior sections to learn how to properly welcome the new addition to your family.

The Relaxed Rabbit DVD

Chandra Beal's Relaxed Rabbit DVD Professional massage therapist Chandra Moira Beal, the author of The Relaxed Rabbit has created a companion DVD. The DVD explains the benefits of massage for rabbits, including reducing stress and enhancing health, and show how to properly massage your rabbt.

The DVD teaches anatomy and physiology of rabbits to better help their owners understand rabbits and work with them safely. No prior massage experience is necessary as Beal teaches a full range of techniques.

You can watch a preview clip or order the DVD from Beal’s website: http://rabbits.chandrabeal.com/dvd.htm

British Rabbit Gets Wheelchair

Bunny in wheelchairEthel, a lop-eared rabbit from the UK, lost the use of her hind legs after falling ill. Zoe Holbourne, her owner, decided to give her rabbit another chance at mobility and ordered a custom wheelchair from Dogs to Go, a Texas company that makes carts for disabled pets. It was the first wheelchair the company had shipped to the UK.

According to Holbourne, “At first she struggled to keep her balance and kept tipping over, but she soon got to grips with it, especially on flat surfaces. Now she loves it. The wheelchair is very effective and it stops moving as soon as she wants it to. It doesn’t roll along when she is standing still.”

I have seen disabled bunnies using carts before, but I’m not sure how common it is. From what I’ve seen, some people have been able to build their own bunny wheelchairs, and there are several companies that can custom build them as well, including:

Here’s a video of Blueberry, a disabled rabbit at the Toronto Humane Society, using a cart.

For more info: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/3483678/NEEDSPICDisabled-rabbit-gets-wheelchair.html

PETCO Phasing Out Rabbit Sales; Moving to Rabbit Adoption

PETCO announced today that it is phasing out its rabbit sales. Instead, the chain of pet stores is expanding its rabbit adoption efforts across the US. According to PETCO CEO Jim Myers, “Rabbits are great companion animals, and we believe PETCO can play a pivotal role in partnering with animal-welfare groups to connect responsible pet parents with happy, healthy neutered rabbits through in-store adoptions nationwide.”

The shift in policy is welcoming news to the thousands of rabbit rescues overrun with abandoned bunnies in need of forever homes.

For more info: http://www.petconews.com/2008/11/petco-moves-to-adoption-only-for.html