New to Rabbits?

Are you wondering, “Should I get a rabbit?”  These articles will help you decide if a rabbit is right for you and your family. Topics cover preparing for your first house rabbit, how much a rabbit costs, rabbit adoption, baby bunnies, and more.

  • Thinking About Getting a Pet Rabbit?

    Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality. But before you swoop into the shelter and pick out a cutie, there are a few things you should know to ensure a rabbit is right for you and your family. Read more »

  • Bunny play area

    Preparing for Your First House Rabbit

    Bringing a new pet rabbit into your life is an exciting event. You’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared so that you and your new bunny can get off to a great start. Learn the basics of rabbit ownership, and review our checklist of initial bunny supplies. Read more »

  • Rabbit with mouth open

    How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost?

    Many people may be misguided in thinking that rabbits are low-maintenance pets. The truth is that pet rabbits live 10 years or longer, and they require a considerable amount of care, time, and money. Here is a basic rundown of how much a pet rabbit can cost. Read more »

  • Minilop rabbit

    Benefits of Adopting a Pet Rabbit

    Continually overrun with abandoned rabbits, local shelters and rescues are the best place to find a new pet bunny. Not only will you save an animal from possible euthanasia, there are also several additional benefits. Read more »

  • Rabbit with children

    Children and Pet Rabbits

    A house rabbit may seem like the perfect companion for your child, but this is not always the case. Adopting a rabbit is a big commitment, and it takes a family level of commitment to care for and provide a good life for a rabbit. Read more »

  • Baby bunnies

    Easter and Bunnies

    When Easter is around the corner, many people consider buying a pet rabbit, sometimes on a whim or as a gift for small children. While rabbits do make wonderful indoor companions, people should take the time to learn the reality of pet rabbit ownership. Read more »

  • Rabbit eating carrot top

    7 Ways Rabbits are Eco-Friendly Pets

    There are many benefits to owning a pet rabbit: they’re utterly adorable, they’re funny, they’re quiet, they’re clean… I could go on and on. But one thing many people may not realize is that rabbits are ecologically-friendly pets. Read more »

  • Baby rabbits

    About Baby Bunnies

    With shelters and rescues overflowing with homeless pet rabbits, we advocate that bunny owners spay and neuter their pets so they do not breed. However, in the case that you are caring for a pregnant rabbit or new mother, here are a few basic tips. Read more »

  • Wild baby rabbits

    Finding a Wild Baby Rabbit: What to Do

    If you happen to spot a wild baby rabbit in your yard, your first instinct might be to “rescue” the poor, defenseless creature and care for it in your home. However, to ensure the little bunny’s best chance for survival, the best action you can take is to leave it alone. Read more »