Benefits of Adopting a Pet Rabbit

Minilop rabbitContinually overrun with abandoned rabbits, local shelters and rescues are the best place to find a new pet bunny. Not only will you save an animal from possible euthanasia, there are also several additional benefits.

Rescues often have rabbits of varying sizes, breeds, and ages. So, if you were looking specifically for a young, agouti mini lop, you will most likely find a good fit at the local shelter. But, you also might surprise yourself and fall in love with an older mixed breed rabbit once you start looking.

Aside from the ability to choose from a wide selection of different kinds of rabbits, adopting from a shelter or rescue is also very convenient. Volunteers at rescues take the time to acclimate rabbits to living in apartments and houses. In this way, the time you would have to take to train the rabbit is cut down considerably.

For example, volunteers will litter box train the rabbits as they come in, so although a rabbit may take a little while to adjust to living in a new home, you will not need to litter train your new bunny from scratch.

Furthermore, because a lot of rescued rabbits live in foster homes, many are accustomed to living in households with children and other pets. So if your household situation is similar, adopting a rabbit who is already comfortable in that environment makes the transition easier for both you and the rabbit.

If you were interested in having multiple pet rabbits, you may be able to adopt a bonded pair or trio. This saves you the time and effort of bonding the rabbits yourself. Adopting a bonded pair or trio is ideal if you work full time because the rabbits can entertain each other while you’re gone.

In addition to saving a lot of time and effort, adopting a rabbit from a rescue also saves you money on vet bills. Rabbit rescues usually have partnerships with local vets, and rabbits will be spayed or neutered upon reaching sexual maturity. So you can adopt a rabbit after he or she has recovered from the surgery and not have to worry about paying for the procedure.

Bunny PhysicalMoreover, some rabbits suffer from health conditions of varying severity. One common affliction is malocclusion, a condition where the rabbit’s teeth are not aligned properly and the rabbit is unable to wear down his/her teeth.

When you adopt from a rescue, all the rabbits will be checked for malocclusion as well as other afflictions. They will then be properly treated.

If the rabbit has an chronic health issue, the rescue will alert potential new parents of the condition, so only those willing and able to care for the bunny can adopt him/her. If you purchase a rabbit from a breeder or pet store, they may not alert you to any pre-existing health problems.

Finally, rescue volunteers are very knowledgeable. Before leaving you on your own with your new companion, they will make sure you know how to properly care for your bunny. Understanding the behavior and needs of your rabbit will be essential to creating a rewarding, long-term relationship.

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