Is a Pet Rabbit Right for Me?

Lop-eared rabbit: Is pet rabbit right for me

There are cat people and dog people. But did you know there are also rabbit people? If you’re wondering if a pet rabbit is right for you, take our quiz and find out!

  1. Do you hate bunnies?
    You do?? Why are you on this site then? Oh, you were just kidding. Phew! Who could ever hate bunnies? No one! On to the next question.
  2. Does a 10+ year commitment scare you?
    Rabbits have a lifespan of about 10-14 years. Still on board?
  3. Can you share your home with a bunny?
    Rabbits are very social animals. They thrive when they live inside the house with you. Do you have a spot in your home for their litter box, water, hay, and an occasional stray poop on the floor? Yes? Keep going then.
  4. Are you ready to bunny proof your house?
    Bunnies like to chew… a lot. They are efficient at chewing cords, shoelaces, chair legs, book spines, and moldings. Are you ready to block off areas with wire protectors, puppy pens, and baby gates? Still good? Keep going.
  5. Do you have a dog?
    Some dogs are okay with bunnies. But other dogs have a high prey drive and can’t help but chase them. Unfortunately many pet rabbits die this way. Dogs with a high prey drive include beagles, huskies, terriers, German shepherds, greyhounds, wolfhounds, whippets, and collies. No dogs? Hop onto the next question!
  6. Are you allergic to rabbits?
    If you answered yes, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. But it does put a damper on things. Ask yourself if you’re okay with itchy eyes and a sniffly nose for the next 10-14 years. All good? Next question!
  7. Are you allergic to hay?
    Hay is the main food for rabbits, and there’s no way around that. They need the fiber for both their dental and digestive health. So if you or a member of your family has grass allergies, this could be a problem. Some people have a less severe reaction to orchard hay as opposed to Timothy hay. But you should make sure that solution will work for you. Still good? Move on to the next question.
  8. Will you be disappointed if your rabbit doesn’t like being held?
    Most bunnies prefer to stay on the ground. There are exceptions, of course, but don’t count on it. Do you like lying down on the floor? Yes? Almost done!
  9. Are you willing to travel over an hour for a rabbit-savvy vet?
    You might be lucky and have an experienced rabbit vet nearby. But if not, are you willing to travel longer distances so your rabbit can get proper veterinary care? If you answered with a resounding, “Yes, I love long-distance driving!” then on to the last question!
  10. Can you handle seeing adorable sleeping bunnies on a daily basis like this?
    Rabbit under table
    Or this?

    Or this?
    Yes? Then…

CONGRATULATIONS! A bunny is the right pet for you!

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