10 Popular Rabbit Breeds

Are you wondering what breed of rabbit to get? Or do you already have a rabbit and want to know what kind you have? There are over 300 breeds of rabbits recognized by countries all over the world, based on characteristics such as size, coloring, and ear length.

Here are ten popular pet rabbit breeds.

1. Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf RabbitWith a maximum weight of just 2.5 pounds, Netherland Dwarf rabbits are very popular because of their tiny size, short ears, and smooshed faces.

2. Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot bunnyDwarf Hotots are white dwarf rabbits with a band of black around their eyes. They weigh up to 3 pounds.

3. Holland Lop

Holland Lop RabbitThe Holland Lop is a small, compact bunny with floppy ears. Weighing up to 4.5 pounds, it’s one of the smallest lop-eared rabbits.

4. English Lop

English LopThe English Lop has the longest ears of all rabbit breeds. It’s also considered the very first lop breed. English lops can weigh around 12 pounds.

5. Dutch

Dutch rabbitDutch rabbits are small to medium-sized rabbits with a distinctive color pattern on the face and body. These color bands can be black, brown, gray or orange. They weigh up to 5.5 pounds.

6. Rex

Rex rabbitRex rabbits are known for their unique short, velvety fur. They come in many different colors and can weigh up to 10.5 pounds.

7. Californian

Californian rabbitThe Californian is a white rabbit with dark points (markings on the nose, ears, legs, and tail). The dark colors can be black, brown, or gray. It weighs up to 10.5 pounds.

8. Lionhead

Lionhead rabbitAs the name implies, Lionhead rabbits feature a distinctive mane around their faces, similar to a male lion. They have compact bodies and weigh up to 3.75 pounds.

9. English Angora

English Angora rabbitLooking like a ball of fluff, the English Angora rabbit has long wooly fur covering its entire body, except for around its nose, where the fur is shorter. It’s the smallest breed of angora rabbit and the only one where the hair might cover its eyes. It can weigh up to 7.5 pounds.

10. Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant rabbitThe Flemish Giant is the largest breed of rabbit, weighing in over 20 pounds. Though they are large, they are often docile and patient when being handled.

Looking for more kinds of rabbits? Check out The American Rabbit Breeders Association website for more comprehensive breed information. And remember, lots of bunnies are a mix of breeds, and that’s okay too.

Regardless of breed, all rabbits have unique personalities and temperaments. Some are energetic and mischievous. Others are more calm and laid back. But all bunnies deserve care, attention, and a safe place to be themselves.

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