What Kind of Bunny Should I Get?

You’ve done your research, and you’ve decided to get a pet rabbit.  But which breed of rabbit is best and where is the best place to get one?

Holland Lop Rabbit

What Breed of Bunny to Get

Many ask, “What breed is best?” You can look at our Ten Popular Rabbit Breeds article for some examples of popular rabbit breeds. Do any of them stand out to you? Size may be a consideration. If you live in a small apartment, you may want to pick out a dwarf variety.

But if you’d like to base your decision based on temperament, rabbits have many different kinds of personalities, and this is not confined to any particular breed. There are lovable, affectionate rabbits spanning all kinds of breeds, both purebred and mixed.

If you get the bunny at a shelter or rescue, they may be able to tell you what kind of temperament each one has.

Where to Get a Bunny

A rescue or shelter is a great place to look for your rabbit. Rescues and shelters have baby bunnies, adult bunnies, senior bunnies, and pairs of bonded bunnies – in all breeds and sizes. Check out PetFinder.com or your local House Rabbit Society chapter website for available rabbits up for adoption near you.

The added advantage of adopting a bunny through a rescue is that the volunteers often litter train the rabbits while in their care. Further, in general, rabbits older than six months have already been spayed or neutered. This greatly reduces vet bills for you. To learn more about adopting a pet bunny, see our article, Benefits of Adopting a Pet Rabbit.

Should I Get a Pair of Bunnies?

Because rabbits are social creatures, you may want to adopt a bonded pair of rabbits. This is a great option for people who work during the day. You won’t have to worry about your rabbit being lonely if he/she has a bunny pal. If you’re unsure, talk to a rescue volunteer about the pros and cons of adopting a pair.

Once you’ve decided on a bunny or a pair of bunnies, read our article about preparing your home for a new pet rabbit so you can create a safe and welcoming environment right off the bat.

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