Rabbit Behavior

From binkies and flops to digging and chewing, house rabbits can exhibit a wide range of behavior. What does it all mean? The rabbit behavior articles below will help unravel the mystery.

  • Rabbit face

    Binkies, Nose Bonks and Flops: Rabbit Behavior Explained

    Rabbits are relatively quiet creatures. But they do have a unique way of communicating, from binkying to flopping to thumping. We’ll explore them here. Read more »

  • Rabbit with paper valentine

    Building a Relationship with Your Rabbit

    Understanding rabbits’ unique language is helpful when bonding with your pet bunny for the long term, but if you recently adopted your bunny, you may not even know how to start the bonding process. Read more »

  • Grumpy rabbit

    Why Does My Rabbit Lunge at Me?

    Lunging looks like your rabbit rearing back and throwing its body at you. If it sounds aggressive, it’s because it is. This is your rabbit telling you to back off. Here’s why your rabbit lunges at you and what to do. Read more »

  • Bunny on the sofa

    Rabbit Peeing on the Couch? What to Do

    Bunnikins has always had perfect litter box habits. Now, all of a sudden, she has taken to hopping on the sofa and peeing on it. Why does this happen, and what should you do? Read more »

  • Lop-eared rabbit

    Help! My Rabbit Hates Me!

    Rabbits are supposed to be cute and cuddly. So why does it seem like your rabbit hates you or is just plain mean? We’ll cover common behavior concerns like peeing on the couch, nipping, and other unfavorable actions. Read more »

  • Rabbit chewing paper

    How to Deal with Rabbit Chewing & Digging

    Digging, burrowing, and chewing are natural activities for your rabbit. But how can you prevent your home from turning into your bunny’s urban warren? Read more »

  • Rabbit with cardboard box and tunnel

    Enrichment for Your Pet Bunny

    Rabbits are intelligent, curious creatures. They quickly get bored if they do not have enough space to explore or enough toys to entertain them. Follow these tips to make your bunny a happy bunny. Read more »

  • Rabbit doing logic toy

    Logic Toys for Rabbits

    Rabbits are naturally curious and smart, which opens up the doors for logic toys designed to sharpen the mind and offer an interesting challenge. Learn more about about logic toys for rabbits and how to make your own. Read more »

  • Rabbit playing with bowling pins

    Playing with Your Pet Bunny

    Whether it’s bowling or fetch, bunnies love to play. As your rabbit’s unique personality unfolds, you will come to find out what kind of games your rabbit likes best. Read more »

  • Rabbit in cardboard castle

    Building a Cardboard Castle for Your Bunny

    Building a cardboard castle for your pet bunny is an easy, inexpensive way to keep him/her busy. Your bunny will spend hours on “renovation”, chewing new doorways and taking down walls. Read more »

  • Rabbits flopped together

    Bonding Your Pet Bunnies

    A second bunny can provide years of joy, fun and contentment for both you and your rabbit. But it may not be love at first sight for the two rabbits. Bonding your bunnies can take time, patience, and persistence. Read more »