How to Keep Your Pet Rabbit Healthy

Keeping your pet rabbit healthy is as important as keeping yourself healthy. The steps are just about the same, too: eat well, exercise, and get regular check ups.

Healthy Foods for Your Pet Rabbit

Eating well for a rabbit means having unlimited timothy hay and fresh water. Hay makes up the main part of a pet rabbit’s diet and should always be available. Rabbits also need a steady supply of fresh, rabbit-friendly greens, like romaine lettuce and cilantro. Bunnies should also be given a small amount of rabbit-specific pellets. Avoid the kind filled with dried corn and other goodies. Fruit is a treat for rabbits because of its high sugar content. As such, it should be given in small amounts. Learn more about what to feed your rabbit here.

Exercise and Toys for Pet Bunnies

Exercise for a rabbit means giving them the time and space to explore, dig, zoom, and binky with delight. Provide your rabbit with a safe space by blocking off areas you do not want them to chew or dig on. Learn more about how to rabbit-proof your home here.

Healthy exercise means more than just working on their furry bunny bodies. Our rabbit friends need mental exercise, too. Stimulate their minds with toys, challenges, and things to explore and chew. Read about bunny toys here.

Rabbit with homemade treat ball logic toy.

Healthy Rabbits Need Rabbit-savvy Vets

The final part of keeping your rabbit healthy is getting regular check-ups. Find a rabbit-savvy vet in your area and set up recurring appointments. Rabbits can develop problems with their teeth, eyes, and digestive systems. They need a vet who is experienced in rabbit-specific medical conditions. Regular check-ups will help, but be sure to bring your rabbit to the vet if there is a change in behavior. Common warning signs including not eating or drinking, not pooping, small or unusual looking poops, and lethargy.

Rabbits need the same care that you do. By being thoughtful and proactive you can help your rabbit live a long, healthy life.

About the Author

P.A. Smith has been living with house rabbits since 1995. He also co-edits the fun wildlife website called Animal Fact Guide.