Buy Hay and Support the House Rabbit Society!

Every time you buy hay or pellets, you can help a bunny in need. My House Rabbit is thrilled to partner with Small Pet Select to support rabbit rescue!

When you use coupon code HAYRESCUE at Small Pet Select to purchase hay or pellets, Small Pet Select will donate 10% of the sale to the House Rabbit Society!

hrsWith no added cost to you, you can support House Rabbit Society rescue and education programs, HRS Chapter Grants, and Emergency Rescue Grants, which help other organizations with large rabbit rescues. These homeless bunnies need all the support they can get. Every little bit counts!

Your pet bunnies will thank you too! Small Pet Select hay is fresh, green and fragrant. With several different cuttings and mixes available, you can be sure your bunny will enthusiastically chow down on hay. This is extremely important for good dental and digestive health. (See our article, Hay for Rabbits: The Basis for a Healthy Diet, for more information.)

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Coco eating hay

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