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Sweet Binks Intervenes in Animal Cruelty Case

dirty rabbit cages

20 rabbits were rescued from these dirty cages in Burrillville.

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, based in Foster, RI, recently came to the rescue of 20 rabbits, 7 chickens, and 3 ducks who were living in deplorable conditions in Burrillville, RI.  The animals were severely malnourished, contained in dirty cages outside with no food or water.  There were bodies of dead rabbits in the cages as well; some had succumbed to starvation, others cannibalism.

Under the care of veteran rabbit rescuer Pamela Hood and the team of Sweet Binks volunteers, the rabbits have made significant progress in the past 10 days, gaining an average of two pounds each. 

However, Sweet Binks needs your help!  One of the rescued rabbits gave birth to 8 babies the other day, bringing the total number of rabbits from the cruelty case to 28.  If you would like to help Sweet Binks, you can make a donation through their website.

Rabbit after one day rescued

After just one day, the rescued rabbits can relax in a warm, clean environment.

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