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Rabbit-Themed Art Exhibition in London

bunny show
Photo: Move your Bunny | Installation by Helene Butler

At the Rag Factory on Brick Lane in East End London, there will be an art exhibition revolving around the theme of rabbits and hares from the 9th of December (Private View) until the 13th of December. Artists have created pieces that are both figurative and symbolic in a range of media including photography, illustration, painting, sculpture, installation and videos.

According to the Bunny Show Committee:

The theme of the rabbit has been chosen for its playfulness as well as its establishment in mythology, symbolism and the History of Arts. As a symbol of luck, of the ambivalent, of procreation, of lust, of witchcraft and more, rabbits, source of inspiration for the participants of the show, have generated a diverse ensemble of works, from symbolic inspiration to figurative pieces of work.

The event will bring people together with work conceptual but nevertheless entertaining, inviting the audience to participate. The Bunny Show Committee believes that art is for everybody to understand and interact.

For more information, email thebunnyshowcommittee@googlemail.com.