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Audrey on Tour Roundup

For those of you who read My House Rabbit’s blog this past spring, you will remember that we hosted Audrey from Audrey on Tour for a few days here in New London, CT. Audrey then went on to Bow, WA with A Houseful of Rabbits.

You can see photos and descriptions of other places Audrey toured on the All About You site by clicking here. It looks like they are still gathering photos, so if you hosted Audrey but you’re not listed on this page, send an email to audrey@allaboutyou.com with a photo of Audrey’s stay in your area.

Update: Audrey on Tour

Back in May we posted about Audrey taking a tour of New London. You can also read about it from the All About You Blog.

From Connecticut, the Audrey clone traveled across the country to Bow, Washington. You can read all about her adventures in the Pacific Northwest at A Houseful of Rabbits. Start from the beginning of her tour by clicking the following links:

June 6: Heeeer’s Audrey!!!
June 7: Audrey’s Settling In
June 8: Audrey’s Story
June 9: Audrey Takes a Road Trip
June 16: Audrey About the House

You should also check out another Audrey clone’s travels in Kuala Lumpur with the folks at Furrybutts.

May 27: Who Dat?!?
June 1: Lunch with Audrey