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Giant Inflatable Rabbits “Intrude” on Boston

Giant rabbit sculptures

Intrude, an art installation by Amanda Parer.

Rabbits of a monumental size loomed over visitors to Boston’s Lawn on D last week. The whimsical inflatable sculptures were created by Amanda Parer initially for the Vivid Festival of Light in Sydney in 2014. Since then, the rabbit sculptures have traveled to festivals across the globe including stops in England, Belgium, Australia, France, Canada, Scotland, Denmark and Italy.

Although at first, the rabbits bring about a sense of childlike wonderment, upon closer inspection, the art elicits a more ominous feeling. According to Parer, “Intrude is about us, Westerners, Europeans, coming to Australia and dramatically changing the space. Not only bringing introduced species, but also having a dire effect on the indigenous peoples there. As a culture, we haven’t come to terms with that.”

Learn more at The Artery.

More Public Art Bunnies!

Brisbane Festival artistic director Noel Staunton and artist Stormie Mills are dwarfed by the giant bunny sculpture that will be installed in Brisbane. Photo credit: Vicki Winter / Brisbane Times.

Brisbane Festival artistic director Noel Staunton and artist Stormie Mills are dwarfed by the giant bunny sculpture that will be installed in Brisbane.
Photo credit: Vicki Winter / Brisbane Times.

In addition to the tiny rabbit sculptures invading cities near you, now there’s another kind of art bunny to look out for. These 4-meter high, bubblegum-pink rabbit sculptures are taking over the city of Brisbane in Australia as part of the Brisbane Festival, September 9-28.

The large bright pink bunnies are the vision of street artist Stormie Mills. Cast out of polyurethane, the outer pieces are supported by a steel internal frame and plastic subframe.

Said Mills, “It’s like a vinyl toy in a sense, but a bit tougher and certainly a whole lot larger. The last step is that somebody goes in and tightens everything up from the inside, crawls back out the bunny’s bum and we glue the tail on.”

Learn more: Brisbane Times

Star Wars Bunny Art

Who knew those tough characters working for the Empire liked bunnies? In Kelly Kerrigan’s artwork, the Nashville artist depicts Boba Fett, clone warriors, and other Star Wars characters showing their softer side, cuddling bunnies.

Boba Fett with bunny

Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett holds a bunny in Kelly Kerrigan's painting, "Boba Fett and Fuzzy Bunny."

In an interview with StarWars.com, Kerrigan talks about the impetus for her work:

This new series of artwork is how my creativity has responded to the death of my husband, Paul. He died on December 18, 2010 after finding out in August the he had a rare cancer. We both loved Star Wars and he had a particular connection to rabbits as they are portrayed in movies, books and gaming.

For me, being without my best friend for the rest of my life makes me very angry, among other emotions. Some days I feel ruthless and wish for a menacing helmet to wear as I move through the masses. However, we have a 3 year old little boy named Milo, who is the spark of my life even more so now. He has lost his father and I want no other harm to come to him. As if he was a little bunny, I have to learn how to move through this new life with a sense of maternal nurturing as well as defense and protection.

Read the full interview on StarWars.com »

To learn more about Kelly Kerrigan and see more of her paintings, visit her blog at kellykerrigan.blogspot.com.

Bunny Art Show in Dublin, CA

Porthos by Eileen Crowley
Porthos by Eileen Crowley, 9×11 in., Acrylic

For those of you in the Bay Area in September, venture down to the bunny art show being held at the East Bay Rabbit Rescue (4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin). Bay Area artists have created portraits of adoptable rabbits, and proceeds from the art show benefit the local rescues.

On Saturday, September 4, they are holding a large adoption event with five Bay Area rescues, including the House Rabbit Society and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary from 11am-4pm.

For more info:
East Bay Rabbit Rescue
Oakland Examiner


Update: The Bunny Art Show/Adoption Event was a huge success!  According to Joan Wegner of the East Bay Rabbit Rescue, “We had a great event with 10 adoptions, 5 possible and sold LOTS of artwork.”  (Thanks for the info, Joan!)

Bunny Holiday Cards Giveaway

Holiday card by Nakisha

Nakisha of Blue Dog Rose is hosting a contest to win a set of 8 holiday cards she’s illustrated. She’s created three designs and needs help deciding which one to print.  To win a set, all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog post and let her know which one you like best. All three designs are very cute.

Contest ends August 6.

Bunny Sculptures

“To Thine Own Self Be True” is the title of Park Ad-jong’s new solo show in South Korea. The show features sculptures of rabbits and eggs.

In an interview with the Korean Times, Park describes her choice of rabbits as a subject,

When people talk about bunnies, they think of rebirth. Bunnies make a lot of babies, so it’s about new beginnings. For me, bunnies represent new life. And this is the same for me, it’s about starting over and rebirth.

The sculptures came out of a rough time for Park, who had legal problems and trust issues with coworkers.

The exhibit runs through December 31 at the Art Link Gallery in Seoul.

Read more at The Korean Times.

Giant Rabbit To Welcome People to Sacramento

A 56-foot red, fiberglass rabbit sculpture is set to be installed in the new terminal at Sacramento International Airport in 2011. At four stories high, the sculpture will tower over people as they pick up their luggage at baggage claim. It was designed by an artist/professor at Denver University.

For more information: http://www.news10.net/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=49812&catid=2