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Bunny Bunch Provides Safe Haven for Rabbits During California Wildfires

When residential areas were ablaze in Chino Hills, CA, many people were forced to evacuate. Fortunately for local bunny owners, The Bunny Bunch, a no-kill, nonprofit rabbit rescue in the nearby city of Chino, CA, offered temporary shelter for their pets.

Bunny Bunch owner Caroline Charland hopes to spread the word about the availability of the shelter as a safehaven in the event of a future emergency situation.

She also urges rabbit owners to be prepared and think about a plan of action in case of emergency. According to Charland, “I tell everybody with a rabbit that they need to have a hard carrier and a soft towel, and have the carrier ready and be ready to leave.”

It is also a good idea to research places that could take your bunny in if you ever needed to evacuate your home.

For more info: http://smallanimalchannel.com/critter-news/2008/12/04/bunny-bunch-fire-evacuation.aspx