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Scooter Riding Rabbit

bunnyscooterBiscuit is a 2 lb Dutch with an unusual means of transportation, a scooter. Biscuit accompanies her owner on his scooter while he travels to work at a produce stand. There she becomes the center of attention as people stop by to say hello and watch her sample the wares.

Her owner, Coleman Rogers, has had house rabbits for pets for the last 17 years. His first was left at his house by a friend, and he was soon hooked on raising rabbits. Each of his rabbits has been litter box trained and cage-free. Biscuit spends most her time in Rogers’s kitchen.

For more on Rogers and Biscuit, visit North Fort Myers Neighbor.

Guinness Book of World Records: Oldest Rabbit!

George, the Oldest Living Rabbit

George, a little black rabbit living in Tewksbury, MA, has been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living rabbit. George’s age, 14 years old, was verified by several witnesses and vets. Owners Joe and Amy Breton credit George for bringing them together in 1994. According to Amy, a vet tech, “When I first met my husband I had not much in common with him. But I thought, ‘He can’t be that bad because he has a rabbit’ … and eventually I fell in love with him.”

For full story: http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2008/06/by_kate_augusto.html