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Workout Bunnies: Rabbits Take Over Yoga Class in Vancouver

The Small Animal Rescue Society of B.C. is offering a different kind of yoga class this fall. Bunny yoga introduces adoptable rescue rabbits into the serene environment while class participants stretch and strengthen. The rabbits are supervised by SARS volunteers to ensure their safety. The event helps bring awareness about rabbits being suitable house pets for city dwellers. Learn more at Vancity Buzz and the SARS Facebook page.

Stretch it out, Coco!

Stretch it out, Coco!

For people who could use a little “cute” in their lives, the event sounds like it would hit the spot. I can say from personal experience working out with house rabbits, it certainly adds excitement to the mix. Coco and Cosette enjoy being active participants in my workout, engaging in the following activities:

  • Chewing the corner of my mat while I’m in the middle of a set
  • Sitting under me when I’m doing push-ups or holding a plank position
  • Digging on my back while I’m trying to stretch
  • Trying to eat the pedal strap as I’m pedaling my stationary bike
Rabbit in between weights.

“Oh, you’re trying to work out? I’ll stand here.”