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Easter Chocolate Fundraiser

Chocolates for Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

A sampling of the chocolates for sale at the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary Easter Chocolate Fundraiser.

The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, located in Whittaker, Michigan, is having an Easter chocolate fundraiser.

These adorable and delicious chocolates not only raise money for the shelter, they also remind people that real bunnies are  not appropriate Easter gifts.  The chocolates are made by a local shop called Chocolate Drop Shop in Westland, Michigan.

For more information, see the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary site or the fundraiser Facebook page.

NOTE: The deadline for orders is Friday, March 2nd.

Vegan Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Well, I don’t actually like chocolate, so I can’t confirm if dairy-free, egg-free chocolate Easter bunnies taste similar to non-vegan chocolate bunnies, but I did find a comprehensive list of them for all the vegans out there.

Go Dairy Free recently published an article listing 8 chocolatiers selling dairy-free, egg-free chocolate bunnies: http://www.godairyfree.org/200803062325/News/Nutrition-Headlines/Now-Where-am-I-Going-to-Find-a-Dairy-Free-Chocolate-Bunny.html

They have since published an addendum to the list: http://www.godairyfree.org/200803072327/News/Nutrition-Headlines/Introducing-New-Members-to-the-Dairy-Free-Chocolate-Bunny-Family.html