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Luv-A-Bun Rescue Takes in 34 Rabbits

The Luv-a-Bun Rescue in Lake Worth, FL has recently taken in 34 bunnies rescued from a mobile home. The rabbits were crammed into 3 cages jammed with both living and dead rabbits.

Several of the rabbits were relative newborns and many had never been able to hop due to the cramped conditions.

The recently taken in rabbits have been spayed and neutered by local veterinarians Renata Schneider and Stefan Harsch free of charge.

Visit the Sun Sentinel for more on this rescue.

Scooter Riding Rabbit

bunnyscooterBiscuit is a 2 lb Dutch with an unusual means of transportation, a scooter. Biscuit accompanies her owner on his scooter while he travels to work at a produce stand. There she becomes the center of attention as people stop by to say hello and watch her sample the wares.

Her owner, Coleman Rogers, has had house rabbits for pets for the last 17 years. His first was left at his house by a friend, and he was soon hooked on raising rabbits. Each of his rabbits has been litter box trained and cage-free. Biscuit spends most her time in Rogers’s kitchen.

For more on Rogers and Biscuit, visit North Fort Myers Neighbor.

Yet Another Feral Rabbit Boom

Feral rabbits in Okaloosa Island, Florida

The New York Times has reported another feral rabbit boom- this one is taking place in Okaloosa Island, Florida. Florida pet owners seem to have a bad habit of letting their pets run free. Rabbits are a new addition to a list that already includes iguanas, pythons, and peacocks.

Although many Okaloosa residents initially viewed the growing feral rabbit population in a lighthearted way, when the rabbits started causing damage to shrubs and other property, attitudes changed.

For more info: NY Times