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Enrichment: Rabbit Adoptathon Week

Rabbit sniffing leg

Today’s topic for Rabbit Adoptathon week will be about providing enrichment for your bunny.  Rabbits are very intelligent, curious creatures. They get bored if they do not have enough space to run around and explore and/or enough “toys” to entertain them.   Follow these tips to make your bunny a happy bunny.

  • Give them space! If your bunny is contained in a puppy pen, condo, or cage, make sure you let your bunny out everyday into a bunny-proofed room.  Rabbits love to sniff and examine their surroundings. Plus, they need room to do bunny 500s and binkies!
  • Get creative with cardboard!  By cutting rabbit-sized doors and windows into an old cardboard box, you’ve transformed it into a cardboard castle for your bunny to renovate. They’ll love widening and shaping the doors and windows to their liking.  Putting a smaller castle inside a larger box gives them even more things to renovate.  Rabbits also like tunnels. So be sure to save any narrow/tall boxes or tubes for your bunny’s enjoyment.
  • Shake, rattle, and roll!  Rabbits like toys they can hold in their mouths and toss.  Baby keys, toys made for birds, and toilet paper rolls are all things they enjoy.
  • Get down to their level!  Rabbits prefer interacting with you on the ground.  Wait for them to approach you and investigate so you can build trust with your bunny.  Once they’re comfortable with you, they’ll enjoy being petted and will seek out your attention.

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