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Japanese Earless Bunny

An earless bunny in Japan is sparking up debate about whether we are seeing signs of mutation as a result of the Fukushima nuclear site’s meltdown back in March. I wasn’t going to post since I felt like the sample size of one rabbit wasn’t sufficient to back up these claims, especially since we’ve posted in the past about another earless rabbit named Vincent Van Gogh.

But the video of the white bunny was cute, so here it is:

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Bunny Cafe

In Japan, home to many adorable and also very quirky things, there are rabbit cuddling cafes that people can visit to relax. Basically, patrons of the cafe can play with the resident rabbits, who have been trained to be amenable to petting and handling, and they can also eat rabbit-shaped food and buy rabbit-shaped pottery.

Watch the video here.

Bunny Cafe

Bunny Cafe