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Benny’s Fantastic Adventure

Benny's Fantastic AdventureLast summer, we posted about Benny, a Flemish Giant house rabbit, vying for the record of World’s Longest Rabbit.  Unfortunately, Benny recently succumbed to illness.

But while Benny lived, he touched the hearts of many people: the Heather family, who took him in from a sanctuary in 2008, as well as an incredible number of Facebook friends.

With encouragement from Benny’s fans around the world, Sharon Heather has shared Benny’s story in the book, Benny’s Fantastic Adventure.

You can buy Benny’s Fantastic Adventure from Lulu.com.

Benny the Flemish Giant Rabbit Vying for World Record

Benny the longest rabbitBenny is a Flemish Giant house rabbit living in Oxfordshire, England.

Measuring 82 centimeters long (~32 inches), Benny is longer than the previous record holder, Amy, a Continental Giant who died last May who measured 81.5 cm.

Benny joined Martin and Sharon Heather’s household last year when Martin came across the large bunny at an animal sanctuary. Although sanctuary staff warned that Benny didn’t really warm to people, Benny took an instant liking to Martin. With that, the Flemish Giant was welcomed into the Heather family.

Benny enjoys the run of the house and is often found snuggling with the family dog on the sofa.

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